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Capricorn New Moon Energies January 2024

Updated: Jan 8

2024 has arrived - well according to the old matrix calendar, heehee - whenever you feel it starts, it is most definitely the Infinity Portal Year of the Dragon, a transformative 12 months of increased creativity, passion and an upsurge in our ability to manifest, there are numerous possibilities open to YOU. The density of the energies are here to aid us with fully clearing the old, past karma, and stepping into new powerful energies of upgraded consciousness. Be gentle with yourself, the 'new year' sees us put a lot of pressure on ourselves, totally unneeded, especially when you accept that the true New Year starts in March, with the Spring Equinox, with the rebirthing energies of nature reviving itself. We regenerate and renew ourselves with our natural surroundings, the way it should be, rather in the dark days of winter.

The first New Moon energy shifts of 2024 are climaxing on 11th January in Capricorn at 11:58 London, UK; 12:58 Europe; 03:58 Los Angeles; 06:58 New York; 22:58 Sydney. Super strong energies pulsing as we build up to this date, some heavy days, balanced by calmer nights, with a trend of lucid dreaming, fully remembering them on waking, to recognise what needs your attention each day. Whatever comes up for you now, to remove from your physical form or your thoughts or your actions is ultimately assisting you with integrating the expansive light codes streaming into Mother Earth. You know what to do to be your magnificent self, every moment of every day, when you tap into the energies of your heart, your true mind, your intuitive self. Our yearly mantra: This is an absolutely amazing year, I ground, vibe higher, and accept my brilliance daily. Any symptoms I experience are growth lessons, I appreciate the clarity of the synchronicities, any anxiety triggers, I am passionate about upscaling my physical, mental and emotional form. I stay hydrated, eat clean and enjoy sunlight at every given moment, to further escalate my healing.

Goddess Kuan Yin is very present, increasing our compassion for ourselves, and she 'hears the cries of the world' so call her in, talk to her, work with her, in whatever way feels best for you, so that she can support your journey. You are beautiful, true and free and the intense codes are creating collective change. The more we open up, smile at strangers, open our circle, the greater the connection we have with each other. We were taught the opposite; we are literally turning all we have been taught on its head. St. Germain, the keeper of the Violet Flame, is prevalent too, I work with him daily, and know that he is available to each one of you, for guidance, direction, and when any clarity is required. You just have to ask/thank your guides and communicate with them constantly, not just in 'times on need'. Support is available to all of us, just remember, if they can't hear you, they can't help you because they will never intervene in your life unless you ask them too.

The bad habitual traits that we have of falling into sadness, victim mood, and general upset, when we don't feel things are going our way, is coming up for us to work through with the powerful Moon energies. One key concept that is particularly being called to our consciousness is judging yourself, everything is a lesson, but we need to challenge our thought processes. Is this idea serving me? Am I being unkind to myself? In the quantum field we can match all we desire, so monitor any complaining and moaning, any victim consciousness, so you can draw in your biggest dreams and live in bliss, joy and abundance. Another societal 'norm' is 'growing old', this is an 'illness' created by the matrix - if we drop saying it, imagine the changes to life for everyone!

If you are still feeling 'stuck' remember you are undoing years of self-doubt and collective fear. You can ask your team ' thank you for showing me all of my personal restrictions, I am tuned into the synchronicities showing up'. The blindfold we have been 'wearing' is lifting, try walking in the certainty of your light, your power and your presence, because you matter!

The New Moon energies provide a plethora of opportunities for our healing, growth and expansion. We are moving from competing with each other, to collaborating with each other, breaking down the separation, re-landscaping the human conditioning, which is very exciting. I will say it one more time - please turn off the news in 2024, so you stop passively co-creating the bullshite with them by going into fear, anxiety and worry.

Powerful Mantras for the New Moon Cycle:  

I have the power to create what I love - we have been soooo good at generating what we do not like into our lives, let's change this for 2024.

I take full responsibility for my reality - do this & you can make great strides effortlessly

My value in my wealth has nothing to do with what I see in the physical - unconditional love for ourselves is super important, you are tyour greatest asset

My Karma is becoming my dharma - changing the way we view issues

I take radical responsibility over my vibration; I create it all - exciting times

I can do no wrong in my eyes - putting out positive energies

I AM worthy to receive all that is coming to me - or all that is here, to put it into present text

I pay for things according to my creativity - how the affluent (you) view buying things

I AM a powerful frequency transmitter, I manifest all I want today - words create your energetic vibration, the frequency you emit, and all that you draw to you

When you feel these mantras, or ones of your own creation, in your heart, not your overthinking mind, then magic happens. Say them to yourself &/or write them down, at least 3 times, then they work as a magnetic tool for all you want to create. They are also perfect whenever you feel overwhelmed, low or depressed, as they help you reverse your mood and see you manifest smoothly and simply. Keep believing in YOU, this is your year, a powerful time of unconditional love for self. This is everyone's year, we are one...let's come together and create a divine world.

If you find you are holding too much weight at this time, although definitely correlated with what you consume, a large factor is blocked emotions. You may find yourself feeling exceptionally bloated one day, yet what you have eaten has remained the same, this is a sure sign you need to address any stress, worry or fear that is within your sphere. Visualising how you most want to look/feel/be will encourage the process of transformation. Apply self-healing techniques that realign your energy centres (chakras) so you can master your vibration to new levels.

It is once again, planning our intentions time, with the New Moon Energies, setting them from your mind, with a strong yearning from your heart energies = success. Decluttering is once again advised, so the external clearing helps you see and think with greater clarity, confidence and calmness. Let's follow our intuition and take heart inspired steps, as we ride the current of energies. We are not allowed to keep 'beating ourselves up', we are here to shine.

Invite the energies you fancy creating and know you are part of a larger multiverse. You are far more than you consciously realise, you are a divine being, trust source energies, and trust your guides. We are all here to learn, grow and evolve together. The objective of learning is mastery, to let ourselves execute effortlessly, without the use of conscious resources. I love you all and if you are drawn to 'work' with me, then let's get you booked in and thriving to new heights. Your ability to heal and evolve is already within you, let's stoke the fire with an Innerdance Energy Activation via Zoom, Distance Quantum Healing, some Intuitive Coaching or any of my services that call to you.

I AM excited about helping more of you tune-in, learn to frequently dial up your spiritual team, and further aid the raising of the vibration of humanity. A beautiful river of consciousness is flowing through humanity - and YOU - I welcome the upgrading. Love energies are dominant this moon cycle, enjoy the upgrades to you, your world and that of those around you. I love to share all I continue to learn, and would like to say a special thank you to the beautiful souls who reached out, after my last blog, showing their appreciation for my articles, much love.



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