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Updated: Nov 12, 2018

We are frequently told our thoughts create our world and there is more and more scientific research to prove this to be true! I have written about this topic many times, and on Saturday I am grateful to once again be volunteering at a HayHouse Event, with the presenter being someone who repaired his own body with his mind / his thoughts. He broke 6 vertebrae in his back, was told he would never walk again but ignored the prescribed diagnosis and treatment, healing his body himself. He is now an international lecturer, researcher, corporate consultant, author and educator and believes (& has conducted research to prove it!) we all have the potential for greatness and unlimited abilities (at any age) and we can rewire our brains to recondition our bodies (as he did!).

Dr.Joe Dispenza has explored, extensively, the findings from neuroscience, epigenetics, and quantum physics about spontaneous remissions. He helps thousands of people to evolve their consciousness and heal themselves from terminal diseases and chronic conditions so they enjoy happier, more fulfilled lives. Dr. Dispenza has also taught many businesses and corporations how to use the neuroscientific principles to boost employees' creativity, innovation and productivity and partnered with other scientists to research the effects of meditation, brain mapping and so much more. To learn more, check out his website or YouTube videos for more details: 

Illness and symptoms are a message that are body is asking us to slow down or delve deeper and resolve emotional blockages within ourselves to fully heal, without the 'usual' habitual prescription drugs. Just because we have been brought up to think the 'only way' is to pump our bodies full of drugs to cure ourselves, WITHOUT looking at the root cause of the problem DOES NOT make it right! It does madden me slightly that such a huge percentage of the world has not yet 'switch on' to a far more health, happier and healing way of thinking but instead listen to the mega controlling pharmaceutical industry that wants to keep you sick, dependent on them and in a place where you 'cannot cope' without the drugs they sell.  You really can heal your life, yourself! Do you not wonder why there is no cure for so many things? Even the common cold? It is a trillion-pound industry and they want you to stay sick BUT you can change that! 

For me, it is when I see those close to me refusing to change what they eat or think or say but also hating being ill, even getting annoyed at having to sort out the tablets into daily dosage amounts for the month, seen as a waste of time. What is a waste of time is not learning to retrain the brain, refusing to heal themselves, clear forgiveness, anger, upset and trauma from the past, instead settling for less, for a life that is less than they want. The old saying 'you can lead a horse to water but you cannot make it drink' is true here, people must want to heal and change their world. We can only guide them but this does not stop it being frustrating! 

On a personal level, I have written previously about the doctor wanting to give me Diazepam when my jaw had slipped out (from an old injury, a car accident in my teens) & he wanted to give me an anti-depressant to 'heal' the pain... great I get dependent on the tablets for minimum 6 months & the issue remains unresolved!! I tried a Chinese herbalist & an osteopath but they both wanted money up front & could not guarantee success so I fixed it myself with Reiki treatments and positive thoughts. When they insisted, I went to the hospital some months later, the x-ray showed it was all back in place!

Our thoughts really do shape our world. One way that can help with the mind reset is learning to use the life principle, 'I AM.." one of Dr Wayne Dyer's favourite's, and when we precede positive affirmations with these two words, we see drastic life changes unfold! Remembering to do this daily produces a greater connection with our higher self and aids with our manifestation's. Examples include affirmations such as "I AM abundant", whether this be referring to relationships that we want, improved finances or anything at all. Another is "I AM powerful", to increase self-confidence or, should you not be in optimum health, then try "I am pain free". Any positive words, repeated often, are perfect! Mixing these with mindfulness activities and regular visualisations of your dreams already being in place, will massively assist you on our journey. Holistic practices like Reiki, Meditation, Yoga, Qi Gong, Sound Healing, Card Readings to review your life path or any self-centered practice that calms your inner core when add into your daily routine will help to ensure success! 

All this leads to easily living a life of gratitude & positive thinking. Let's plan to incorporate them into our world, just as we do eating and drinking plenty of water! Generation after generation has previously been raised with limiting beliefs and habitual thought processes that cause us to put restrictions on what we can achieve. It is vital we 'throw away' these habits and learn to believe that we are good enough and we can reach for the stars! We do not have to live a life of stress and dislike for what we do but instead create the life we want. It involves risk and, sometimes, loneliness and uncertainty, as we buck the 'usual' trends of how we live. You may discover that previous 'friends' do not understand or laugh at what you do and that they judge you and try to stop you moving forwards. This is often because they cannot be bothered to do the personal work on themselves to change their lives, being 'happier' to spend a lot of time moaning about the things they hate about their daily lives and jealous you are manifesting the life of your dreams. Some people do not even realise the impact of constantly talking about what is wrong with their day or their life or the people on the TV etc. etc. All negative speak is damaging to the functioning of your body, if you want to be healthy, in body, mind and spirit, you need to change the way you think, speak and act. 

Rise above people's negativity, be strong, keep working on yourself and bringing your true light to this world. Do not 'settle' for less, every day is a new day & failure is there to re-direct our path or our thought processes. Using "I am..." in your daily routine will allow you to see your goals unfold, be sure to take the action needed along the way and to visualise and incorporate holistic modalities into your routine and most importantly, enjoy the journey.

Thinking outside the box is a weekly practice I have incorporated. It sounds obvious but when things go 'wrong' it is hard to remember that the darkness is happening to make way for more amazing stuff to occur! I teach others about how best to cope when things don't go as planned but forget to apply the same knowledge to myself sometimes! I always knew my less conventional choices would mean people would leave my world & have trouble dealing with the changes I make constantly but I would be a liar if I said it does not hurt sometimes! I just apply the 'everything happens for a reason' & 'we are all where we are meant to be' rules and it helps loads! 

Another thing is, we are all so used to using the term 'sorry', when we pass people in doorways, to 'explain' things but this is a negative term. It is like we are apologising for our existence, which is wrong! Try it for a day, it is amazing the amount of times we go to use it! Stop yourself and change your world! 

Releasing anger and forgiveness is another big step on the journey of personal growth. Signing off for now but I am sure this is a subject I will return to.

***One important thing to always remember is that we all experience negative thoughts, it is about recognising them and turning them around. Good & Bad days are based on our perception, a few 'bad' events does not need to transpire into a full 'bad day' but if there is no stopping this then start afresh the next day. Each new dawn brings a whole new chapter in our lives, yesterday is gone and tomorrow has yet to arrive, make the most of today!***



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P.S. We must not suppress our emotions but constantly review them and ensure they are of the most benefit to ourselves. Remember the strength of gratitude and positivity in your world. 

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