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What Was Your Biggest Lesson of 2020?

Throughout the first few weeks of the year it is important to review your journey and the lessons that showed up during the last twelve months. Everything we experience, no matter how traumatic and unsettling, always has something to teach us to aid our growth journey on planet earth (+ for us Lightworkers, it is often something that we need to go on to teach others as our understanding expands further). It is wonderful so many of you are opening up to a spiritual lifestyle and working with the energy that surrounds you. The restrictions have provided unprecedented amounts of time for studying new topics and discovering a greater understanding of life. I am excited about teaching so many of you Reiki and how to apply energy healing to yourself daily this month. Do get in touch, if you not already booked in, sessions are one-to-one, via Zoom and the practices are life altering.

My biggest lesson of 2020 was to fully accept the power of my ability to help others heal themselves from within and repair the broken parts of their soul. Admittedly it took an unpleasant car crash at the end of October for this confirmation to manifest, when I had to heal my own physical body. Plus the importance of listening to my intuition daily as I very much felt I should not get into the car that day but did not 'hear' my gut instinct! It definitely happened in order for me to spend more time with my sister and her family before their immigration to Australia last weekend. A similar thing happened when I broke my leg many years ago and was able to assist my parents after the passing of my Grandma during my recovery period at their home. As traumatic as events can seem there is always an underlying positive and lesson for us. Seeing the transformation in my body after the injuries was beautiful, as I applied oodles of self-Reiki throughout the day and visualised the damaged parts as fully healed. I also completed a Soul Retrieval Shamanic Drumming Journey to retrieve the fragmented parts of my soul lost during the accident and applied lots sound healing too. The power of our minds, when combined with energy work, allows us to achieve the unachievable, for sure!

What were the key lessons for you in 2020? How do you feel about them now? Write them down, analyse 'why' they showed up and learn all you can from them. Sharing them with others or those close to you can most certainly help too. Patience, slowing down and trusting the process is definitely a learning all of us have experienced due to the enforced changes we are facing. Also, the 'I will wait until...blah blah', no take action today!

On 11th January 2021 the 111 Portal is open during a conjunction of Jupiter and Mercury in Aquarius. This will signify a gargantuan process of awakening of humanity and is a massive opportunity for you to take the action to manifest miracles this month. If you have felt drawn to change your personal world, your thought processes and perceptions, then now is the time! Visualise your dreams in place and pass this information on to anyone who will benefit from a dose of positivity. January and February are going to be trying but there is brightness on the way, by April 2021 big changes will have occurred. If you want help, I offer one-to-one Spiritual Coaching to aid your path and do message me with any questions. We are all in this together and this is a wonderful time of transformation and healing for humanity and the planet as a whole.



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