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Vibrational Medicine with Tuning Forks & Reiki

We are all vibrational beings and what we emit is what we attract back, this is 'controlled' by our thoughts and our ability to release any negativity, that builds up within from our thinking, experiences and learned behaviours. A great example is, hanging onto anger, this then causes us to slow down our vibration, and therefore drawing more of the same to us. The old adage, what you put out, you get back!

Vibrational 'medicine' is used to locate issues and correct them to the right frequency, for optimal health. Reiki is one of my most favourite ways to clear static energy and release energy blockages, as it re-balances the body. When combined with crystals and sound healing, the results are amplified. Tuning forks help by bringing the body back to to our fundamental pulse and connect us to our life rhythm. As does meditation, reiki, yoga, sound baths etc, tuning forks just provide instantaneous relaxation!

Invented by British musician John Shore, a trumpeter and lutenist in 1711, they have previously, most often, been used for tuning musical instruments as they have a standard pitch, based on there vibrational levels. The pitch is dependent on the length and mass of the two prongs. Sound is a potent source of healing therapy and is commonly used for healing and restoring the body back to balance. Advantages:

  • Relaxation

  • Stress relief

  • Mental clarity

  • Increase blood flow & physical energy

  • Concentration

  • Integrating left and right brain thought patterns

  • Balancing the nervous system

  • Help those on the path of attaining higher levels of consciousness

To use: Strike it against a surface or with the an object, causing the vibrational sound and then place or rotate it (clockwise) in the area to be cleansed.

My favourite one is the 528 Hz Tuning Fork, as it works to repair your damaged DNA and hastens healing. It is one of the six core core creative frequencies of the universe and is perfect for transformation and manifesting miracles, I love it!

They come either weighted or non weighted and can be used on humans, animals, objects and out in nature, they are truly amazing! To book a Crystal Reiki Session with Sound Healing, go to the Contact Form & see more details here: Reiki Page.



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