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11 Tips for Mastering Your Intuition

Updated: Nov 21, 2020

Mastering the art of working with and listening to your intuition is one of the biggest gifts you can give yourself. Tune in and trust all you think, feel and sense from the energies around you and your intuition will flow easily. It is your internal GPS system and we need to learn to work with it more frequently, and on a far greater level than before. We no longer use paper maps to navigate when travelling, so why are we still living by our old thought patterns and ideas, it is time for an upgrade!

It does take practice to follow your own guidance when life’s challenges throw you off, but trusting your gut feeling (over your ego and negative voices) brings more joy, contentment and fun into your world. Albert Einstein famously said ‘you know the truth by the way it feels,’ and that truth is your intuition. Living with far less fear and worry is our goal, we are not meant to be stressed, anxious and only really enjoying the occasional events. 2020 is moulding us to be very different souls and causing us to re-evaluate all we do, say and who we spend time with. We are right to want to be around others who nourish our soul and do not try and dump their misery on us. Everyone is on their own journey!

Our intuition is like a muscle, it needs exercising and using often, in order to develop greater insight, understanding and ability to use it all the time! It literally means learning from within and using our inner voice of guidance. Like Reiki, we are all born with it, we just need to tune in and explore its amazing benefits that are freely available to us. Let's set the intention to have more fun when doing even the most mundane of tasks. Life is short...let us stop waiting for the 'right moment’, or until certain things have been resolved. 2020 is a massive learning curve for us and entering into 2021 with a new way of living is the biggest gift we can give ourselves.

The Dictionary says: 'the ability to understand something instinctively, without the need for conscious reasoning.'. Overthinking is one of our biggest errors and now we are experiencing energies that are aiding our transformation and growth. We were too quick to disregard our own feelings and I recently felt very 'off', like I do when destruction is going to occur to the world at large, but it turned out to be within my own world. I think we previously failed to hear ourselves when we were stressed, vulnerable or thrown of course in a big way, now that changes! I failed to listen to a very strong intuitive feeling that arose some days later and it had very destructive effects of my physical and mental being. I have made a promise to myself to listen more strongly and recognise the meaning of certain intuitive thoughts and I want to help as many of you do the same.

1. Take time for solitude...this can be in many forms, a walk, run or meditation. It is important to allow yourself quiet time, so you can tune into your inner most thoughts regularly. For many of us, when we are on holiday, we take time away from the news, the stresses of the world, and life in general. We need to make conscious effort to do this daily, it is about creating the state of mind to be open to our inner guidance.

2. Write down your intentions for today, tomorrow, next year... as far as you want to visualise, and this then becomes a trigger to tune into your thoughts and make the effort to change today.

3. Wake up and be guided by what you want to do so that you can take soul inspired action. It is learning to recognise the feeling/thought that it is the right thing to do not when your 'gut feeling' is acting out of fear. Practice is advised so that you correct the thought patterns and make better decisions on our life path.

4. Consciously remove bad habits from your thinking; you know you always have a choice! Remove the moaning about what is ‘wrong’ and instead spend the time being guided by what you truly want and the universe will provide the answers.

5. Intentionally detach bad vibrations from your energy field; there is a lot of assistance on my blogs about protection. You can also book in for an Energetic Imprint Removal, which is recommended for when the energies are from someone you live with, from a family member or close intimate relationship. Trust your gut, when something feels off, it often is!

6. Recognise the part your ego plays; when you feel excited or agitated by the inner guidance you must question whether it is your ego or true intuition. Practice is required, as with everything we master in life.

7. Daily learn from your visualisations and subconscious feelings and the clarity and clearness the right decisions bring over the cloudy alternatives that can surface.

8. Acknowledge and work with your intuitive thoughts that provide a racing heart, spine shivers or even goose bumps, positive vibes that the thoughts are the right thing to do for you and those close to you. Learn to focus on when things do feel right and change your path accordingly.

9. Work on healing your gut, our stomachs are our ‘second brain’ and are full of neurons that cause every cell to hear your thoughts, feelings and actions. If you have failed to listen to your intuition in the past and have stored negative, destructive thoughts within then this leads to being overweight, suffering with IBS or such dis-eases. They are 99% emotionally based and the root cause needs to be identified to heal the issues. Reiki is fantastic at bringing to the surface all that you need to work on and at healing the body, physically and mentally. I have had further confirmation of its strength by applying extra self-reiki sessions to heal from an accident.

10. Keep a journal (even mentally) of when following yourself lead to positive results. It helps you to be more aware of all that is going on around you and how situations make you feel.

11. Do not give up at the first hurdle, learning to work with and trust your inner GPS takes time and practice, but is so worth it.

The more we work with our intuition the easier it is to remove negative emotions and make great choices, not those made when anger or depressed or 'out of sorts'. Over time, the more you do the right thing then the stronger your intuition becomes. Common sense will always play a large part in our lives, use yours often! Be sure to protect yourself and laugh lots, we are going on to bigger and better things. Time to manifest our biggest desires and follow our life purpose.

'Life is not meant to be the leftover scraps of evenings and weekends'

Listen to your intuition and good things will begin to happen. As with so much of life it takes practice, practice, practice! True guidance from our intuition is when we recognise a sense of calmness, clarity and joy from our thoughts, decisions and actions, a sense of 'knowing' and a level of confidence that can aid us in achieving our goals and dreams. Lockdown has been magnificent for ensuring people make the alterations to their thinking, behaviours and even their surroundings to allow them to live happier now. We have previously put off, that big move or changing jobs or moving back to our homeland.

We have all heard the voice saying ‘I knew that was going to happen’ and it is time to allow the divine voice within us to guide us on the right course. It gives us the ability to ‘check in’ and make sure we are truly happy with any decisions we make, big or small. I want all of us to come away with a new sense of purpose, of invigoration and determination to succeed.



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