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What is Tantra?

Updated: Jul 22, 2023

Tantra is the balance of masculine and feminine energies, a more profound way of living within the body, in joy, and love. The liberation of consciousness from limitations, barriers and worldly beliefs. It is about becoming one with all you are, able to be, and your power within, a wonderful tool to further expand our consciousness, and is connected with kundalini awakening, the art of opening up to our true essence. It is another technic for achieving freedom from our inner restrictions, to move into your body, listen to it, and away from the people pleasing habits. As we do with the Innerdance Kundalini Activations, awakening and embodying your own brilliance, beauty and capability to define your life, moment by moment, with immense unconditional self love.

It is learning to not look outside of yourself for pleasure, joy and contentment, to not need another to complete you, but going within yourself. A practice to discover a strong devotion to your inner beauty, strength and your body as a whole, hence why it is part of the Kundalini Awakening process. Translated from Sanskrit, it means 'weave', 'stretch', 'extend', 'woven together', weaving the physical with the spiritual, hence why it is more commonly associated with formidable techniques, with Tantric sex. Which is weaving spirituality, physicality and sexuality; a part of Tantra, but not the whole. Sex can ritualistically be employed both for spiritual purposes and improving one's life, fully surrendering to the orgasms, and opening to the other plans of consciousness with the increased level of exhilaration and self love. Tantric rituals encompass a wide array of practices, only some of which entail a sexual element.

In the late Victorian era men and women had an ambivalent relationship with religion and sexuality and discovered within Tantra, a way to free themselves from the oppressive 19th century Christian society. It has evolved with time, as with every religion, habit, and societal norms. There are so many interpretations of Tantra, depending on the cultural traditions that practice it. Whilst researching the topic, the definitions depend on the core values followed. Shiva (male) and Shakti (female) are worshipped at the core, and the Right-Hand path - Dashinacara - and Left-Hand path - Vamacara, delving into the many aspects of self.

A difficult concept to define in one form, due to it's ambiguous nature but it is important

that we play, live by and enjoy, the sensual aspects of the body, it's earthly sensations and the emotions that arise from it. We are such magical beings and are allowed to live, love and laugh, however and with whomever we choose. As long as we honour our bodies, ourselves, and our emotional health, ensuring respect for each other is at our centre, that no harm is done, that we should be enjoying ourselves to the fullest.

Indigenous people recognise and celebrate female, male, transgender, intersex, androgynous, all people, whoever they are or want to become/return to. Focusing on a persons spiritual gifts, rather than there sexual preferences. Often referring to those outside of the 'normal' male and female archetypes as two-spirited souls, which is beautiful. As we are all merging, and forming a unity of LOVE, accepting everyone and everything. We are all magical beings and are moving into a world of non-duality, pure consciousness, fully embodying who we are and came here to be. Re-remembering is escalating, through our subconscious and conscious selves. Permitting yourself to be open to change, and living more harmoniously is all we need, as we continue to heal our souls vessel and open up our hearts and minds to the true essence of ourselves. Love is the way forwards.

Have a magical weekend.



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