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Bindu Chakra - The Fountain of Youth

We are becoming younger, healthier and, in time, immortal - I sense your doubt/disbelief - time will be your guide. I am updating this blog, originally from 2017, as the surge in the importance of this connection point to our DNA expansion + personal evolution is crucial. Additional layers of your body are 'coming online', to where they should be and it is magnificent. We are developing our physical, mental + emotional bodies, allowing us to become the crystalline beings, we were born to be. True mastery of your life force energy within lifts the veil of forgetfulness and depends solely on you, on activating your Kundalini Energies, to 'clear out the dysfunctional clutter', from this and past lifetimes. Uncoiling the serpent energies, the stored data in the spine, to remove the old data + welcoming in the 'forgotten' you.

Your perceptions + projections of energy are the matrix, the world you reside in - if you do not like it, then change it, YOU are in control, the director, producer and actor of your life. More help is entering our world, from the unseen, previously unexplained realms, showing us the higher vibrations of the future forms of our own selves. The Oneness of planet earth is forming expeditiously, it is so very exciting. Nuclear DNA is inherited from our ancestors and Mitochondrial DNA from a single lineage (family line) - opening up to permit greater light to enter your body = new improved you. DNA is writing your physical code, awakening to your true essence. The sun is a wonderful tool for your growth too as this period is a massive challenge to our mental health. Mass amounts of protection, self-care and self-healing will help to navigate all that is transpiring.

After an amazing head massage from my hairdresser, in 2017, she commented on the prominence of my occipital bone, located at the back of the head and linked to the third eye, in the centre of the forehead, the home of our spiritual awakening. When I practice Energy Healing, I have always very much drawn to focus on the whole of the back of the head for my clients. The Bindu Chakra is located here, at the at the tip of the head, where the bones of the sides and back of the skull meet. It is a great aid for increasing your spiritual path and practice and is known as the "fountain of eternal youth, vitality and health", making it very important centre for our health and wellbeing. This Chakra is one of the least talked about yet most mysterious and remarkable energy centres in the body. 

The Bindu produces Amrita, the nectar of immortality, which is truly amazing and aids with the overall health of body, mind and spirit! Yogis say the challenge is to prevent the Manipura Chakra - situated in the solar plexus / navel - from burning the elixir and instead 'catching the drips' in the Throat / Vishuddhi Chakra, so that is works further on the purification and detoxification of the body. It is the point activated during a Kundalini Innerdance Session and it is very transformative, painful to face the debris then awesome to embody the new you.

This Chakra is also associated with eyesight (especially that which previously deteriorated in childhood, 'turning off' what we did not want to see, until now), relaxing emotions and enhancing inner peace and harmony, clarity and balance. We have all dreamed of finding eternal youth and this chakra can help, working with it further activates the Pineal Gland, emitting a hormone similar to a 'fountain of youth' effect on your body and mind. It is a health centre that once awakened, improves physical, psychic and spiritual health.

The Bindu Chakra aids with eating disorders as it controls hunger, thirst and overcomes unhealthy eating habits and so helps physical and mental recuperation. Working with this energy source helps with the elevation of depression, nervousness, anxiety and self-worth.

To aid the activation of your Bindu Chakra:

  • Use a fingernail, apply slight pressure on the Bindu Chakra and notice feelings of happiness spread throughout your body, a sense of release and calm. 

Helping a Child to Sleep

  • Gently massage this Chakra with soft circular movements for a few minutes and you will notice the child soon quietens and falls asleep. 

The symbol of the Bindu Chakra is the Moon, a symbol of perfection, nectar and energy. The moon provides much needed energy to nature, aiding in its growth and ripening of fruit, as essential for nature as Bindu is essential for the health of the body! I am sure this is one topic I will cover over and over, the 'fountain of youth' is a must and when combined with healthy living and holistic practices, such as daily self-reiki, stretching and meditation we can only win! Everything is happening as it should be; Christ consciousness is expanding, people are (re)learning the truth and discovering a new trust in the new world.

Those labelled Autistic are already fully engaged multidimensional beings, we need to learn from them and help them to manage all they see, sense and feel. Have an awesome June, do get in touch if I can help with Spiritual Life Coaching; Quantum Healing; Kundalini Activations - In-Person or Online; to learn Certified Reiki (the starting point for working with your life force energy field) or anything else. Soul Retrievals restore the missing parts of your soul; Past Life Regressions aid you in working through stagnant energy blockages that influence your thoughts, actions and feelings and Readings provide a life path review.

Be your splendiferous self, no matter what occurs, breathe, release and thrive, you were born to shine your light even brighter.



In-Person dates for Kundalini Activation - Private 1:1 & Group Sessions are available Online or In-Person. Let's get us all 'firing on all cylinders' as soon as possible. Much Love

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Feb 19
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

Many Thanks for this information o Bindu Chakra location, activation and purpose. Not many have reached this point. My guides have extended the invitation to begin. I give thanks, I give thanks, I give thanks. Sending many blessings your way for all good things in life, especially in 2024. Year of the Dragon. Agape in the name of Jesus the Christ,

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