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Kundalini Activation Innerdance Sessions (KA)

Updated: Jun 21, 2023

Are you called to take your life journey to a whole new level of experiences, understanding and elevation? Kundalini Activations cause a visceral occurrence within the physical form, firing your instinctive, non-intellectual, self to fully surrender and embrace the body to a higher degree of magnificence and beauty. Self-love, self-awareness and sexual energies are

expanded, increasing the unity of humanity, as we now become one. Every session provides that which you need most in the present moment, whether that is re-experiencing trauma to release it, reconnecting to your freedom mindset within your heart, mind and soul for more laughter, non-judgement and happiness to enter your life or whatever is unique to you.

Kundalini Activation Innerdance is a process that awakens your own Kundalini, the life-force energy that resides up your spinal column, and fires-up your inner spiritual intelligence. It is a transmission of raw kundalini providing an awakening to non-duality consciousness, creating a pathway for more cosmic energy to flow through you, strengthening your connection to the oneness of the universe and allowing more Joy, Love & Pleasure easily into every moment of your day.

KA energies flow to your pineal gland, distributing light through the body, telling your brain how to run your body's systems - the mind, emotions and physical movements. It is one key reason our pineal glands have been shrunk by all we were previously told to eat, think and feel, so we forgot our power. Hence why removing fear, stress, worry, gluten, meat, dairy etc from your diet opens you to heal magnificently. Kundalini Activations regulate the flow of light and energy to the meridian systems and your KA channels are vital to your spiritual awakening and enlightenment. Previously hidden within your bones there is the capacity to magnify your self-realisation (liberation) and embody a bio-spiritual advancement from the moment you fully surrender to your own kundalini awakening.

A freedom from the ‘I’ self, realising there is no lack, that we are all one and the sessions open you to a high level of self-honesty. An empowering internal experience to enable you to more easily conduct your day when you bring the transformative energies with you. You are encouraged to fully surrender EVERYTHING, not just that which you do not like, to open the aperture of your personal inner lens so that you can see, sense and feel clearer. Your autonomy relinquishes all control to the divine will of the highest collective consciousness, linking you to all that is internal and external for you.

A Distance or In-person consciousness transmission with enlivening music, specifically selected for the journey. I am 'trained' (I sense it was re-awakened within) and would love to assist you in awakening your kundalini energies, I am a conduit for the energies, you heal yourself through me. Sessions supply you with the realisation that there are no limitations, you can be, achieve and live your best life every moment of the day. It can take a few sessions to clear the 'debris' from your soul, then it is welcomed as a regular practice because it is so enlightening, expansive and wonderful, as you integrate the new templates, light codes and DNA upgrades open to humanity at this time.

We are building a community of oneness, an uplifted, higher vibrational life for everyone so Love, Happiness and Heaven on Earth is felt by everyone. My spiritual intention, and life path, is to help you all with an improved life journey, sessions are brilliant online via Zoom - with your camera on (so I can see you but this is not vital), music playlists are sent to you via Spotify, and then journaling is recommended afterwards (for your personal use, to record your healing and upleveling). I am building a page with all the info - Kundalini Activation Innerdance and sessions can be 1:1 (super powerful) or in small/big Groups, online or in Richmond, UK, although I am happy to travel, when costs are covered. Kundalini Activation opens your mind to the possibilities beyond all we have been taught, shifting your personality to remove the old thoughts, addictions and habits so you can fly high.

Pi Villaraza, the founder of Kundalini Activation Innerdance, is investigating, building and bringing new musical + energetic healing to the world. Each Innerdance playlist is the circadian rhythms of the earth, creating certain combinations of brain states that bring about an earth frequency. Earth was conducting the playlist on Pi Villaraza’s brain during his 2 year coconut desert island hermitage. I am very grateful to have meet him virtually (in-person later in 2023) and to have completed the training with Sandra and Siegfried in Barcelona, Spain, my life is transformed further forever. The wisdom of the body is amazing and taping into your ultimate potential is life transforming, drop me an email with any questions and see some of you online/in-person soon.

Let's upscale your lives now, super exciting and uplifting, a time of remembering who you were, who you are becoming and completely releasing the ego. Kundalini is a new conversation with your mind, body and soul, as you fully surrender. KA Facilitators are conducting a retraining of the mind, body and soul as they guide you through a musical journey of splendour. Understanding and forgiving yourself more deeply makes blame no longer possible and actualises detachment, permitting the oneness of love.

Kundalini Activation is a transmission that awakens your own energy system to a new level, so you can experience higher states of consciousness in the body, it is your innate spiritual intelligence. Accepting your authentic desires will spur you into action and help you to reorganise your priorities easily. I AM… the clarity of desire, further breaking down the ego, to move from shadow to light. Realising your own self power for yourself, not from a guru, a teacher or other, but from true self-belief. Fully surrendering EVERYTHING, not just that which you do not like.

Kundalini Activation (KA) = you and your higher self become fully integrated and all that is not essential dissolves, your perceptions are upgraded, your light body circuitry too. Unwinding the coils of tense within the body to bring you to a true state of oneness, letting go of the conflicting agendas. Hidden deep within your bones lays an unrecognised capacity, just waiting to be found. It is like every time you do a session, you come back 'online', fully aware of your true greatness.

Each session brings up that which you most need to clear, heal, fix in your souls vessel to awaken new dimensions of consciousness. An opportunity to connect with your most authentic essence, an expansion of your consciousness as boundaries of perception dissolve, and you are able to explore deeper aspects of yourself. Prepare to encounter the vibrant energy shifts as you lay on the floor, cover your eyes, and immerse yourself in the music + energy activations. No prior experience or understanding is needed, trying a session is the best way to truly know the magic on offer. An incredible tool to aid your personal growth, healing and the evolution of humanity, as you improve yourself, the frequency you emanate aids those around you.

Have a magical day/evening, sending you lots of love.



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