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Warrior Stone Oracle Readings

Many things impact our lives and invoke radical changes and ways to better enjoy our time in this physical form. The Angel Expert, Kyle Gray, continues to have a profound effect on my healing, my holistic practice and my constant growth. 

In his latest book he talks about stones for 'casting' to create a reading of a different kind. These are known as Witch stones and I have to say, since I made my own, they are amazingly accurate and inspiring my actions each day. Kyle has created his own set, the Warrior Stone Oracle, for guidance and insight, that we can all use. 

I purchased one set of Aventurine small palm stones with Reiki Symbols & another set with the 5 elements, this gave me the 9 stones I needed! Kyle advises drawing them on with a metallic marker pen & below are all the meanings.

Below wording from the LightWarrior by Kyle Gray, Chapter 9, to purchase your copy go here:


The Sun represents masculine energy - Father Sky - and joy, success, happiness and vitality in all areas of life. This stone brings energy of growth, life and newness. It is a strong and clear 'Yes!' that you are on the right path.


The moon represents feminine energy, intuition, insight, inspiration and the emotions. The Moon stone brings the message that your feelings are important right now. If any intuitive feelings are coming up, they are guided and correct. Follow your intuitive thoughts.


Mountains Mountains are unshakable and immovable, connected to the Earth and reaching up to heaven. The Mountains stone indicates spiritual strength, stability and the capacity to move beyond any challenges that have come your way. 


The drum is a sacred instrument that allows shamans to journey between worlds. They use it to focus their intentions and delve deep into other realms. This stone indicates deep inner journeys and the rewards of spiritual practice. When it appears, know that your journey is guided and that you are making great progress. 


Brings the energies of protection and intention. It's sharp edge allows you to disconnect from any unwanted energy and remain safe in moments of distress. It also brings a reminder to stay focused on the highest intentions possible, because loving, positive thoughts will lead you safely to where you want to be.

Broken Arrow

The energy of peace, it shows there is no longer any need for defence against something that may have been bothering you for a while. When it arrives, it tells you that the energy of resolution is available - A perfect opportunity for a fresh start and an end to all negative dramas.


Eagles fly so high that they literally see things from a higher perspective. The eagle is one of the most revered spirit guides in Native America and represents spiritual growth and a message from your spirit guides or from your angels. Seeing this stone, it is asking you to see the current situation from a higher perspective and invites you to align your energy with the highest, because there is a powerful opportunity for growth heading towards you!!! 


A bringer of change and power, this showing up gives you an opportunity to overcome a dark aspect of your life. This can be a fear or something that your ego haunts you with. The Snake brings the energy of shredding, inviting you to face your fear and see it for what it is so that you can remove that old layer of energy from your being. This is a powerful symbol of transformation, you will need to make it happen though!


An animal totem, symbolising strength, power and a deep connection to the Earth and her wisdom. Stone represents incredible inner strength and encourages you to continue along your journey. You are being given the energy of survival at this time to help you adapt to the changes occurring and the environment around you. Stay true to yourself, your intuition and the guidance that is coming to you at this time.

 I love discovering and sharing new ways to investigate our future & current life paths. The Warrior Stone Oracle is a delight to use, for myself and with clients.




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