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First Mercury Retrograde + Full Moon of 2022

Updated: Jan 17, 2022

Mercury Retrograde (MR) is approaching, 14th January – 3rd February + the 5 days of shadow period. Some of you may be experiencing the effects already with computer glitches and emotional turmoil. Please know that anything that shows up for you is another life lesson and the triggers are allowing you to see what needs healing for you to thrive once more. As with anything, the negative, chaotic occurrences do not have to affect you or define you. With the upgrading in human consciousness, how we view every period of 2022 is going to be from a clearer, more positive perspective, provided we do the healing work. Healing hurts but it is vital at this time of human evolution. If you do have to sign contracts or make big purchases during MR then work super hard on visualising a positive, success outcome. Nothing must be bad or negative unless you make it so or your brokenness attracts it. We are entering a whole new world and doing the inner healing work and redefining your thoughts, feelings and view of the world, events and people, is your job right now.

Miscommunication is always a highlight of Mercury Retrograde so triple check all communication – send it multiple times if you need to be sure of its arrival and know the energies are working with you, when you truly believe it in your heart. Key words are: patience, calmness, flexibility, openness and commitment. Planning extra self-care practices will help your journey now, do get in touch if you would like Distance or In-Person Treatments, Training or an Intuitive Reading. Let’s get ourselves cleansed, cleared and ready for the magnificence of 2022. MR permits old issues to surface, in order that you can deal with them one final time and remove the negative, destruction problems from your life.

The first Full Moon of 2022 is on 17th January 2022 in Cancer 23:48 (London, UK) 15:48 (LA), 18:48 (NY) and on 18th January in Australia at 10:48am (Sydney). Another perfect opportunity to chuck fear in the 'f**k it' bin, spend time writing down all that you want to release on the day and enjoy the process. Screaming at a pad as you write can be very cathartic and ensure you remove the blockages and open to a whole new way of living. 2022 is a year of NO fear, stress or worry – they never change the outcome, only you journey, your health and your ability to succeed. Let’s make a real change this year, we are being called to live much more joyfully, abundantly and ten times more relaxed.

This Full Moon is known as the Wolf, Centre, Cold and Spirit Moon in different parts of the world, named by Native America Tribes based on the time of year, the temperature and the intention setting of the population and the night time howling of the wolves. It is in the emotionally sensitive water sign of Cancer (+ MR period) so carry tissues heehee and allow the emotional cleansing to be soothing, healing and energising, rather than draining, sad and depleting. Empaths beware, be sure to complete the daily Daytime Matrix and protect your energy field, even when at home. We are so susceptible to the feelings of others, the trash the media portrays and many believe, therefore we need to fully protect ourselves always. Your energy is important for your strength, courage and manifesting – all key emotions of 2022 too.

Our ability to manifest our desires is on fire, we must feel, think and visualise our dreams in situ. Know that if something does not materialise it is because you are not ready/not healed or something better is headed your way. It is a very exciting phase of newness, laughter and love. Working with the energies within and outside of our physical body and the world is going to ensure you thrive beyond belief. Do what feeds your soul and enlivens your joy. For me it is learning, I am doing the A Course in Miracles 365 Days Course, upping my exercise regime, learning how to open my Akashic Records and rebuilding my Vision Board for 2022. Planning is a great idea but making sure you are taking action to achieve all you desire. Have a magical week and do get in touch if you want to book coaching, energy healing or training.

As always, I highly recommend completing the Full Moon Releasing Ritual, within 24 hours either side, of the time it is at its peak in your time zone. Cleansing, charging and programming your crystals, setting intentions and burning all that aggrieves you is exciting, enlightening and empowering. I am not sure that I will write about the Moon Cycles every two weeks in 2022, I will see what my guidance is as we approach the next New Moon. Here is a Full Moon Meditation to my YouTube channel to aid your ritual journey, subscribe to get a notification once it is live.

Happy Manifesting. Namaste


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