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Book Review: The Female Archangels by Claire Stone

Updated: May 6, 2022

On following my intuitive guidance last Friday, I sat and booked tickets for the Mind Body + Spirit Show at Olympia and was immediately drawn to book the talk by Claire Stone. It was delightful to hear another soul talk about the divine feminine Archangels, the Archeiai, and how they were 'lost' from history because masculinity was consuming the world. I use the past tense here as the tables are now rapidly turning and the power of the divine feminine can no longer be squashed, disregarded or quietened.

I highly recommend purchasing Claire's book, The Female Archangels, for everyone, no matter where you are on your spiritual path. The ascension journey, that many of us are embracing, requires that the divine feminine energies undergo a rebirth and insurgence of strength and influence, far greater than we have experienced for thousands of years.

The introduction of The Female Archangels delves into Claire's favourite Archeiai, listed below. It is super important that we work with their energies and their assistance and protection capabilities, to further enhance the resurgence of women on planet earth:

- Lady Ariel (pronounced air-re-el) - twin ray with Archangel Raziel (ra-zee-el)

- Lady Amethyst (ah-mu-thist) - twin ray with Archangel Zadkeil (zad-keel)

- Lady Aurora (ah-roar-ra) - twin ray with Archangel Uriel (you-re-el)

- Lady Charity (cha-ri-tee) - twin ray with Archangel Chamuel (sham-you-el)

- Lady Christine (chris-teen) - twin ray with Archangel Jophiel (jo-fee-el)

- Lady Faith (fay-th) - twin ray with Archangel Michael (my-kel)

- Lady Haniel (han-i-el) - twin ray with Archangel Nathaniel (nath-an-eel)

- Lady Hope (h-ope) - twin ray with Archangel Gabirel (gay-bre-el)

- Lady Mary (mare-ey) - twin ray with Archangel Raphael (raf-eye-el)

- Lady Shekinah (shek-ee-nah) - twin ray with Archangel Sandalphon (sandal-fon)

- Lady Seraphina (sera-fee-na) - twin ray with Archangel Seraphiel (sera-fee-el)

The book contains details of how you can connect and work with each of the Archeiai, with practice exercises. I love the Clearing Inherited Patriarchal Paradigms exercise, as this is one of the biggest issues many have. We need to break the old patterns, change the way we behave , perceive and create life as we know it. New beginnings, habits and enjoyment levels are our focus in 2022. I always guide everyone to work with the Moon Cycles and Claire has some great rituals that can enhance your practices and your connection with the Archeiai, super exciting.

April continues to be an extremely powerful month of change and so this book has showed up at the right time. Perfect for those wanting to learn more about the wonderful tools available to us as we connect with our Archeiai, the female archangels. A great help for us all, as we redress the balance of masculine and feminine energies on Mother Earth. Get ready for the powerful New Moon on 30th, I will publish a blog about this early next week.

The Female Archangels by Claire Stone is published by HayHouse and available in Paperback, Audio or eBook formats - go buy it today!



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