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The Two Japanese Words that make up Reiki

I am revisiting one of my most favourite topics in today’s blog, my key life purpose, Reiki Energy Healing. Here I will discuss what the name means, giving us a greater understanding, and further reinforcing, my desire to get everyone practising it daily. The life force energy that flows within us is greatly influenced by our minds, by our thoughts and our feelings, another great reason to work on a positive mind set and clear out negative blockages that we are holding on to and that have accumulated over time.

The name is made up of two Japanese words Rei & Ki.

Rei, in this context, translates as higher Intelligence, the development of life and it provides us with a source of guidance, to use in times of need. Reiki energy has an intelligence of its own, flowing where it is needed most during treatments, based on what each individual person needs.

Ki is Life Force Energy, that flows in everything that is alive such as humans, plants and animals. It is things like the air we breathe, the food we eat, the sunshine we embrace. It is also known as Chi in China and Prana in India, perhaps words you are more familiar with. The source or cause of our health comes from the Ki that flows through and around us, hence why Reiki can improve your health, as it subtly changes the flow of energy through and within the body.

We have high Ki when we feel strong and confident and most able to take on life’s challenges. When we allow negative thoughts and the pressures and stress of life to control us then we develop low Ki. This makes us much more susceptible to getting sick and developing disease. We restrict the flow of Ki with disharmonious thoughts. All the negative thoughts and feelings then disrupt the flow of energy within leading to the development of illnesses.

The role the mind plays in creating illness is becoming more and more widely recognised. Even doctors now admit that a huge % of illness is caused by our thoughts and feelings. We need to look at the root cause of issues rather than masking problems with tablet after tablet. If we change our thoughts we can heal our own bodies ourselves, it really is amazing. It takes learning, patience and perseverance but it is truly possible! There are lots of people who have achieved perfect health without taking the route of mainstream medicine, instead using holistic treatment methods, meditation and retraining their brains.

With something like Parkinson’s, for example, it can stop or greatly reduce tremors, ease pain, lower blood pressure and increase energy. The tremors are activated by stress, stressful thoughts, actions and behaviours, by negative thought patterns and the actions of those around us. Removing the emotional blockages with Reiki and receiving treatments as often as possible really can produce amazing results.

The mind / our thoughts not only affect the brain but the whole body, they travel through the nervous system, affecting the bodies functioning and health. It is about delving into the main cause of so many issue, such as self-doubt, unexplained anger, traumatic life events, unexpected loss, any events that cause discourse. Blockages restrict the functioning of our organs, causing illness and disease. Negative thoughts fester and build up and, often we do not even realise just how much we are holding on to and storing within us, so we hold on to them for a long time.

My ideal (& also felt by lots of others working in the holistic field) want to change the way we all deal with what happens, for us to all realise the impact our thoughts have on our wellbeing, the effect they have on us internally and to make treating the inner issues as important as so many other daily tasks. Our inner health is as important as what we eat and drink. We would not dream of leaving the house without clothes on, in the same vain, we should not let a day go by without removing energy blockages from within. We would not go out starkers so why hold on to emotions that are incredibly damaging to us?

We have not been widely taught ways to deal with this before but I am planning to change that! I have more of my Children’s Reiki Class this week, we need to start early and teach them tools to better deal with the challenges life presents so that forgiveness, healing and releasing anger are second nature, the same as brushing our teeth.  

Methods to increase our ‘Ki’ include Reiki Treatments, Self-Reiki, breathing exercises, yoga and meditation.

The power of Reiki is increased when we trust and believe in its strength and the effect it has on our health and wellbeing. The more we work together, as Reiki Client and Practitioner, then we become like Newton’s Cradle, oscillating together for greater healing. There is a lot more on that here, in a previous blog: Oscillating Together.

Positive thoughts lead to a positive mind, body and spirit, let’s change the energy flow within us today and seek out Reiki treatments or go a step further and learn Level One so that we can all practice on ourselves daily! We can change the world one day at a time, let’s start with YOU!

All this reminds me of the 5 Reiki Principles, especially Just for today I will not be Angry. We must be mindful of any negative self-talk – it is a conversation with every cell in your body. Your body ‘hears’ every word you say, whether a ‘joke’ about yourself or a personal put down for ‘fun’. It is all recorded and stored internally, aiding the manifestation of disease. Even “I am too old”, “I am not worthy” and so on. One great example, and a book I highly recommend, is Anita Moorjani’s Dying to Be Me. She spent her whole life with incredibly low self-worth and self-esteem and this manifested as one of the worst forms of cancer. Anita change her mind set and re-learnt how to treat herself better, resulting in clearing the cancer from her body. More on that here: Book Review.

Doing inner work and self-care is what I refer to as a new level of selfishness. We are taught not to be selfish but in this case it is vital for our health and well-being.

To find out more, to learn Reiki or receive a treatment email or call 07949089265.




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