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The Power of Meditation

I discovered one of my now favourite quotes about meditation last month ‘the most important time to meditate is when you are too busy’. This is so very true, we think “I cannot possibly stop and take time for myself. Taking even a few minutes to stop, close your eyes and ‘clear’ your mind can bring you to a far greater level of productivity and calm. Everyone around you benefits too as you see the world from a calmer perspective. A walk in nature can be very effective too!

Learning to listen to your breath, to be aware of your breathing really slows down your mind and your thoughts.

Advice: An awesome form of meditation (& there are so many!) I came across whilst listening to Dr Wayne W. Dyer’s Finding your True Life Purpose is Japa, a meditative repetition of a mantra. A suggested mantra from Dr Dyer: “I am light, I am happiness, I enjoy abundance, I am in perfect health, I am a piece of God/the universe”.

Two more of my favourite mantras: 

Namasté: "I see my core self in everyone", our knowing light of awareness recognises the light of awareness of another.

Om Kleem Shreem: Affirms we deserve the fulfilment of all our deepest desires. Shreem is the mantra associated with nature's beauty. love and abundance. Kleem is the sound that attracts those qualities to you. This mantra cultivates a feeling of appreciation and gratitude for the abundance in life.



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