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The Days Are Getting Lighter

Updated: Nov 11, 2018

Yesterday was the start of the days beginning their gradual ascent to lighter, brighter, longer days as we head towards spring. Hopefully you have noticed a shift as the darkest days of the year are over & the energies feel easier. Things will further improve after Mercury Retrograde ends at 1.51am (GMT) tomorrow, Saturday 23rd December and after we experienced the new moon, once again, this week.

Mercury Retrograde impacts all of us, it is a time of change that affects the conveyance of information & all types of communication, speaking, listening, reading, researching, negotiating, editing, selling and buying and rules formal contracts and agreements. It is fine to go through a planning period, for new contracts, but best not signing anything new during this time.  These phases do not have to be negative & occur three or four times a year as Mercury speeds past the Earth.

It can be good to be extra meticulous and correct any misunderstandings immediately, to avoid confusion, especially at the super stressful time we are in, with Christmas & all that brings. Be sure not to jump to conclusions & to achieve clarity where there would appear to be confusion. Thinking clearly is challenging whilst we work through these times, especially with the festive season in full swing! More info in a previous blog from 2016: Ways to flourish during Mercury Retrograde.  All the guidance applies to the four periods of retrograde each year.

It is super exciting that Winter Solstice took place yesterday, as we had towards the clock change in March. The shortest, darkest days are behind us for another year helping our energy levels naturally improve & our vitality & strength grow more easily. A is wonderful the earths energies are easier when their is so much emotional stress & pressure at this time of year. 

This Festive period the 'pressure' to have a good time, to be prepared & sometimes over spend causes so much stress.

This can then manifest within our bodies as many illness such as colds, tiredness and stomach and bladder issues, as we ‘store’ the emotions internally, affecting how our bodies function. For some people the affects can be exasperated by having to spend time with people who drain their energies, who are negative or who can sometimes spend the rest of the year being strangers. It is key you take time for YOU, even 5 minutes, if you are to be surround by friends & family constantly for the next week. A good idea is to complete a short meditation, self-reiki session or a simple Yoga practice, all help ground and balance you emotionally, so we are not over sensitive to the action of others.

If you do find yourself over analysing situations or behaviours STOP & take, at least, 3 deep breathes and remember it is not you! Empathic souls will also find that they become concerned about how others actions affect the person who is stressing, anxious and worried. We cannot help everyone and must be sure to preserve our own energy fields and state of minds. Literally physically ‘shaking off’ the emotions of those around you throughout the day helps!

It can be advisable to pay extra attention to the behaviours of any children around this time of year too because, like animals, they pick up on the stresses and tensions around them and it will have an affect on how they then behaviour. Children often act up when they sense emotions that they cannot control or when they cannot assist the adults, so feel helpless and out of control.

I also highly recommend putting aside some time over the next week to prepare for the many highs & lows January brings. It is know as one of the most depressing months of the year, after the build up of Christmas and the burdens we put on ourselves with not having achieved what we thought we wanted the year before and the goals we set for the coming year.

Planning a daily or weekly practice to relieve stress great helps and also ensure any lists you create have at least 50% of goals that are achievable now, in the first half of the year, to help boost and motivate you for the more difficult tasks. If you want help with distressing or reviewing your life path then do get in touch, I have appointments for Reiki & Angel Tarot Readings during the holidays and throughout January.

Namaste & Happy Holidays to you all.


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