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Summer Solstice & Full Moon Energies of Love

Wow, half way through 2024, anyone else feeling like time 'stops' then 'flies by' at quickening speeds (insert laughing emoji)? Every day the energies are evolving, global healing is underway, and those awakening now are healing at speed. The length of time to get over stuff and move on is minute, once we allow pain, suffering, trauma to regurgitate and complete that film reel in our hearts and minds. Freedom is your birthright; laughter is the best medicine and communities are forming. Achieving inner nirvana, loving yourself immeasurably, sees you easily deflect those that fearfully grasp onto the shite. A common red light appears when souls blame everyone and everything outside of themselves.

We call in the good, the bad, the ugly, and the incredibly handsome, pathways of our lives. Rewriting the scripts, grounding into the present moment, and acknowledging the crucial part we play in this game is helping us monumentally.

Lithia Summer Solstice is rapidly approaching, on 19th - 21st June 2024, the peak is on 20th, supplying us with infinite possibilities, these begin today, in fact every day this month. The uplifting surges of energy, the light codes we are downloading, are so strong and exhilarating. How are you feeling? If you find yourself feeling depleted, with aches or odd reactions, then please go into a point of silence and listen to your inner voice. You know what to do, our conscious, and subconscious, mind does not need to hold the old files of shite that we experienced. Neither does our physical form, please work on clearing the energetic blockages in your body, you are meant to be healthy, pain + stress free, and vibrating at super high levels. We know we called in all the past, hence knowing we can call in a new here and now, a new future, our dream lives.

When we decide, we are going to create a new movie of our lives, take risks, take actions, feel it in our hearts, verbalising it out to the universe, then peace and joy flow synchronistically and effortlessly. Four simple stages of: dream it; feel it: change your thoughts and change your actions, so that you pull yourself into alignment of the energies.

Angelic Galactic Light Codes

I know that if a thought of 'blame' arises that I am not in my authenticity, that I am ungrounded, in fear, disturbed, and need to bring myself back to my heart centre to let magic unfold. Surrendering to the energies, stretching my kundalini fire, walking in nature, and, to be honest, helping a client as they step forward, restore my vitality, power and creativity. What about you? Find your energy voltage surges, my practices, morning and night, support me and bring the focus for my day and restorative sleep time. We don't need to concentrate on all that is wrong with the world, all that we 'don't have', that 'went wrong' with our day, because when we do we lower our vibration and stop the fast train to success.

On 22nd June the Full Moon in Capricorn is at 02:10 London, UK & 11:10 Sydney, the day before, 21st June, in 18:10 Los Angeles & 21:10 New York. Releasing the ego is an energetic focus with this moon cycle, permit yourself to change, be your biggest advocate and permeate love energies frequently. Vibrations of compassion are expanding, pulling us into an enhanced collective of love and laughter. Each action you take right now will alter your life is raising your vibration, you are vibing higher easily and majestically.

For the Full Moon ritual, please do whatever you are guided to do, to reinstate your brilliance. Scream at your pad, visualise the issue, person, situation in front of you, as you burn it, and release the energies of it out into nature, when you discard the ashes. You have the power to achieve, acquire and be whatever you most desire at this time of cosmic energetic increases.

Lemurian energies are super present, healing the heart of humanity, as Starseeds this is our galactic origin. Evolutionary energies, as we remember our true selves more fully, unafraid of the increase in our abilities. Healing, cleansing and restoring the fractals of light, so we return to a state of perfection, of extreme inner peace, a consciousness of divine nirvana. The old victim, blame culture is over, we are healthy, whole and complete, each time we believe it to be so. We are repairing the timelines of destruction, anger and any burden of our past. Tune into the present moment, do you have all you need? Can you stop the worry, the fear and confusion and trust the transmutation of ourselves into higher beings of energy, love and consciousness.

Innerdance Online Weekly by Emma Hands

I can aid your journey, as a conduit of the energies, in opening the doorways to the vastness of your inner wisdom, with Innerdance Sessions; Quantum Energy Healing and Coaching ~ all remotely to anywhere in the world. When booking, the time is set in your location, to ensure it is at the most convenient period of your day/night. If you are able to do the Innerdance super early, at 6 or 7am for you, this is the optimum time, after awakening from sleep for inner healing. Energetic transmissions to remove the old, melt your boundaries, welcoming you into the upgraded energies of renewal, and reinstalling the strong belief in your individual power, strength and courage.

We are one, enjoy the lessons popping up for us constantly, learn from them and allow yourself to be the person you want to be, that you are. You are far more than you previously thought you were, freedom is available to you, dance the magical dance of upgrading with me, with the awakened souls of Earth at this time, so that we can reset the wonders of Mother Gaia forever. Cosmic consciousness is here, the energies are on fire, wanting to assist us, the chances of transformation are rampant, creating a new permanence, a brand new you. The quantum field is your personal WiFi to new dimensions, to new ways of being and building a more powerful connection with us all. Enjoy the Summer Solstice & Full Moon Energies of Love open to us all, you are a divine soul, here to have fun.



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