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The Benefits of Reiki for Multiple Sclerosis

One of the greatest advantages of Reiki is that it ignites the immune system to heal over and above what nature provides. Reiki works on the physical, mental and emotional imbalances within the mind, body and soul and as such is of considerable benefit when you are not functioning at your optimum level. As Multiple Sclerosis (MS) is a demyelinating disease that results due to damage of the protective covering that surrounds the nerve fibers in the brain, optic nerves and spinal cord then it is extremely beneficial for those with MS. Plus, when we are diagnosed with any issue, it is the fear of what might happen, the apprehension of the unknown that can worsen symptoms and increase the damage. Reiki can help you to discover the root emotion cause of the illness to fully heal and allow your body to evolve and repair. Sessions 'peel back the layers' of emotions so that you are able to work through what has held you back; to allow you to recognise and change old negative thought patterns, with the coaching, and to clear stagnant energy so that you can transform your life journey.

Reiki is an emotional drainage system for clearing the blockages that occur because of trauma, challenges and negative learned behaviour's that can lead to disease and so it is a powerful natural healing system. We need to remove blockages regularly to achieve optimum health and wellbeing and this can be done by weekly sessions or by learning Reiki Level I so that you can apply self-healing daily. When Reiki Energy Healing is combined with crystals (& sound) healing it is an even more powerful tool for repairing your body, mind and soul. Frequent treatments remove stress, depression (a key factor with MS), anxiety and fatigue, increase relaxation and, not forgetting, it ignites the body to heal faster.

After providing Reiki Treatments for some years and comparing the results of individuals, it became apparent that the client needs to come on the journey with me, as the more mindset work that can be done outside of a session the greater the level of healing we can achieve. No matter what stage you are at in your MS journey, Reiki Energy Healing can help. It is important to learn how to change your perception and thinking for ultimate, long-term health. The coaching I provide, alongside the treatments, can aid you with retraining your thoughts, building confidence and self-worth and much more, so your soul's vessel can be cleansed and a reset can happen.

Everything that is around and within us is made up of energy, and as energetic vibrational beings what we emit we attract back. An important point to remember when communicating with others is that energy is shared with each interaction and can cause problems.

  • If both parties are happy with the encounter, then there is a neutral exchange of energy

  • If you become angry, then the other person steals your energy

  • If the other person gets angry at you, then you are stealing their energy

This means that you can take on the negativity and broken parts of another soul, often unwittingly. If you find yourself drained by a communication with another, it is extremely important to visualise 'throwing away' anything you may have picked up.

For those trained in Reiki, the hand positions to clear anger are:

  • Placing one hand on the Root Chakra and the other on the Third Eye, remaining there until you feel the areas are balanced. Use deep breathing techniques as you perform Reiki, further releasing the negative emotions.

As a practitioner, I am able to alter the flow of energy within the body with the completely hands-free treatment. I tune into your energy field, am a conduit for the universal energy and you are effectively healing yourself. I have my eyes closed throughout the treatment as it works on an etheric level and session can be done from anywhere - you do not need to be physically in front of me to heal. I conduct Distance Reiki Sessions globally and I am super grateful I am able to share my gifts with such a wide audience.

Some illness happens as a ‘wake-up call’ to cause you to slow down and re-evaluate what you are doing and ask yourself questions such as ‘Am I truly happy?’ ‘Is it enough to keep putting off resolving that problem / changing that job / relationship’ and so forth. We all need rest and repair time, mentally as well as physically, and we must plan Reiki Sessions, or whatever energy healing modality you are called too, into our daily lives now. Do not wait until you are ‘burnt out’ or receive a horrid diagnosis.

Reiki Energy Healing is offered at MS Therapy Centres within the UK, at the Great Ormond Street Hospital on the children with cancer, at Macmillan Centres, in the NHS and treatment centres throughout the world. It is gaining more and more respect and the results are speaking for themselves. Do get in touch to book or with any questions or comments about the power of Reiki to heal the body, mind and soul. Learning to work on a 5th dimensional level, alongside the 5 senses, is life changing and very much required with the massive changes we are experiencing in this life time.



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