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Super Full Moon + Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio May 2022

Updated: May 13, 2022

We have a powerful astrological alignment heading our way on Monday, it is rare to have the Supermoon and Lunar Eclipse together and the results are going to be transformative, electric and truly mind blowing. I am very excited for the next phase in our human evolution, we are in the golden age. 2012 was the first pivotal point, 2032 is the peak and right now we are slap bang in the middle of the ascension journey - 2022! You need to focus within and 'dig up' all the toxic thoughts about yourself or others, or life in general, and 'throw them away' by completing the writing and burning ritual. Do not hold off on releasing all the words onto the pages of your notepad, include everything that previously triggered anger, annoyance, frustration or guilt. Just let it all go, 'victim' mode is redundant, moaning about the past, people and the world leaves our lives NOW.

Time for your ego to diminish, it disrupts your thoughts and actions. When you are tuned into your higher self, your Merkaba light body, your ability to manifest miracles is on FIRE. Create positive activation wording like: ‘I AM programming you to remove my ego, thank you for the lessons attached to any actions that do not allow me to be my authentic self, as I navigate my day.’ Then take the measures to control your reactions, words and subsequent emotional responses to everything. You are powerful, loved and never alone, your guides are always by your side.

The Full Moon Lunar Eclipse in Scorpio is on 16th May 2022 at 05:14 (London, UK); 00:14 (New York, U.S.A); 14:14 (Sydney, Australia) and the day before at 21:14 in Los Angeles, U.S.A. Beautiful timing in Oz - 14:14 - know that 'your angels are offering strong support at this time, helping you reconnect with any talents you have forgotten or aspects of your being that have been discouraged in the past' from Angel Numbers by Kyle Gray.

We are at that point once more, when you are strongly encouraged to release all that no longer serves you; to forgive everyone and everything, for your own health and sanity and sharpen your intentions to manifest magic. The Scorpio trait of holding onto stuff, not forgiving, is a trigger for us to work more on this area. It has no place in our world and only holds us back. I strongly recommend fully believing in your heart that you live in heaven on earth and life is easy, then it will be just so.

Face any fear head on, brushing it under the carpet is no longer acceptable, stop hurting yourself in unimaginable ways. Just as holding on to anger is like drinking poison, clinging onto fear is as destructive. I have personally found the memories and situations that are resurfacing daily to be like a film reel of all I have experienced, achieved and desire to accomplish here on Planet Earth. I had a house cleanse in Hackney yesterday, in a area that caused many horrid recollections from my past journey to reawaken. This resulted in me doing such powerful protection work before leaving home that I felt invisible to all the negativity. I actually kept saying I feel invincible when I caught up with some beautiful souls in the evening, a freudian slip which revealed how I truly felt inside. When we trust our inner guidance, we get to see our strength, the magnitude of our self-love and the healing capabilities we have to transform our lives and that of all those with whom we encounter.

Monday's SuperMoon will occur at the peak of Mercury Retrograde, an affirmation suggestion for this period 'I am loving the lessons from the added clarity I produce when communicating in all forms. The blips in technology are helping me to slow down and remain super focused and I am enjoying finalising plans to begin once this is over'. Adjust this as you see fit, we need to put out to the universe clear messages about what we want, as we are learning and evolving so fast at this time.

Have a magical few days and enjoy the cleansing, healing and opportunistic energies that are HERE NOW. If you want Spiritual Coaching, Energy Healing Sessions, to learn how to Self-Reiki daily, a House Cleanse, Soul Retrieval or Past Life Regression, then drop me a message. We are forming delightful soul family connections, a welcome addition to our lives for many of us who have felt 'alone' in this ascension journey. Ascension symptoms are still very prevalent for the souls awakening to the energies that surround, and are within, us as our physical, mental and emotional selves metamorphosise. Wonderfully exciting times as we let go of the tyrannous, negative way of living and enjoy ourselves, no matter what we are doing.

Mantra: 'I am loving being alive at this time'



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