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Spiritual Healing Trip to Glastonbury

Spiritual healing trip to Glastonbury & Avebury Stone Drum Meditation & Gong Bath

It was quiet an amazing weekend of healing spiritual discovery! The key phrase from my gong bath was "I am healed, I am complete, let's heal the world!", very apt for this months higher consciousness that is occurring! 

We 'landed' in Glastonbury in Friday and started with a beverage in the oldest purpose built pub in South West of England, dating back to the 1400s & haunted apparently!! We meet some wonderful locals and explored the village.

Saturday was all about climbing the  famous Tor, taking in the vast views and healing air. The Chalice Well was something else!! Such an incredibly peaceful place that I likened to the Botanical Gardens in Sydney due to the vibrant colours of the many plants and flowers. The difference being it felt like absolutely anything could grow there and that it would flourish! We saw butterflies, dragonflies and many varieties of birds, it really is like an enchanted garden from your favourite children's book! 

Next was exploring the shops of Glastonbury, full of spiritual delights and healing crystals. The high street is thriving with energies from the many healers in residence and the excited visitors. I got some lovely pieces and the sun shone down on us all day, we were truly blessed!

On Sunday we headed over to Avebury Stone Circle for a relaxing open air Celtic Drum Meditation followed by a Gong Bath at the Avebury Heart Centre. It was my first gong bath experience and I cannot wait until the next one! It is a powerful sound healing that you can literally feel vibrating through your physical body and clearing any blockages. 

Today is the Autumnal Equinox, the start of a new season and new beginnings for everyone! We can choose happiness, abundance and prosperity, we can manifest our dreams  just as long as we remain focused, fuel our bodies healthily and maintain a positive mindset. My favourite quote this week: "My great work needs to be supported and I welcome that support fully" - believe in yourself, always!

Life really is about learning to dance in the rain and blossoming daily on your chosen path.  

That is all for now,



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