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Energies of March 2024 + Super New Moon in Pisces

Updated: Mar 9

We have a magnetic energy month this March, where what we believe becomes our daily reality, hence the importance of unceasingly upgrading your own energy field. Vibing higher, crafting new habits, actions and perceptions of life to support your journey. I recommend putting into place daily measures to manage your energy field, to remain grounded and detached from any external chaos. Today, we have the 3:3 Portal of Possibilities, providing us with downloads of high frequency energies, shifting us into the stronger love resonances. A reboot of our physical, mental and emotional form, lifting the density, and unlocking doorways of growth.

Words Become Things by Emma Hands

Many remain confused, lost and 'hidden' in the old energies, they choose not to change, and do not want to embrace natural healing, nourishment, and the powerful strength they hold within. We are all divine beings, capable of so much more than we were previously taught, I hope schools upgrade their teachings further soon, so many awakened souls being born. We can all become unstuck, it can be as simple as addressing the consumption of all we consume - words, actions, reactions, and the substances that unsettle us. I had a vegan, gluten free brownie the other day, containing sugar, that is usually avoided, and when I was overwhelmed with anger, annoyance and doubt - I registered it was the cause. Perhaps heightening your awareness of any extreme changes in your personal balance, and ability to stay focused, will aid you in discovering any triggers, so you can remove them from your world.

The energies are shifting and upgrading moment by moment, it is very exciting, you are strong, full of knowing and have all the answers you need within. Are you feeling the ease? When having 'lots to do', it is like things are getting done before we have even realised...changes in time perception for sure! These energies of positive flow are building as we head to the compelling energy shift on Sunday 10th March with the Super New Moon in Pisces at 09:00 London, UK; 10:00 Europe; 01:00 Los Angeles; 05:00 New York & at 20:00 in Sydney, Australia. Intention setting, vision board updating, cleansing our homes, crystals, and sacred spaces, benefits all of us.

Piscens are often emotional aware and have strong intuitive abilities - let's wake up and trust in all you see, sense and feel. A sign that can be overly trusting, a reminder to trust your gut instincts every time, above all else, to remove any victim mode from your thoughts, actions and ambitions. Nothing is stopping you but yourself, criticism that is directed towards you can be the result of another's insecurities - don't take the bait, move away. Sensitivity and artistic flair, are big characteristics of Pisces too, can we possible be more sensitive heehee? Living in the moment is our dharma, let's call in lots more fun into the here and now.

The boosts in the energies within and around you personally, are requesting that you ensure you are in the habit of learning how best to operate as your true selves. We are being called to find practices that keep us centred, motivated, and moving towards our ultimate life, right now. We are waking up our inner knowledge to new heights, I learn something new every day, which is invigorating and food for my soul, plus my energy vibration.

We are most definitely shining brighter, do not be concerned with others looking at you, they are drawn to your captivating energies. They will either be further healed just by passing or interacting with you, or they will recoil and 'run away' energetically. Absolutely nothing to be concerned about, use protection rituals, cleanse your energies, or whatever works for you to maintain your magnificent energies. Work though any 'hurt' that arises when family, friends and/or colleagues stop communicating, as our drama free speech, and trigger energies are too much for them. They do not want to heal and prefer to complain and stay stuck, but many on the flip side, are upleveling their healing, with weekly realignment treatments. I have had some very powerful Distance Quantum Healing Sessions this weekend, 40 minutes of your time with a follow up email. I love energetically travelling the globe, Ireland, Hammersmith, Spain, Yorkshire, Switzerland and Scotland, in the last few days. Where we base ourselves affects the potency of our energies, the world is our oyster this month of mass transformation of humanity.

Some say we don't need protection rituals when vibing high, but as a highly (this should almost be in bold type haha) sensitive empath, I activate my Merkaba and connect with my DNA Source code tattoo all the time, then cleanse my aura before entering my space + after any email, text, digital interaction or in-person experience, that is with a less than pure energy. We have so many 'tools' within our life toolbox, it is phenomenal we are educating ourselves to use them in greater ways and to our full advantage.

On Wednesday 20th March 2024 we have the Ostara Spring Equinox and what is the spiritual start of the new year. We can craft out new intentions to match where we are, now that we have evolved, and where we know we are transforming, for us, our families and especially for the young souls in our lives. Take time to ruminate, to visualise your end goals and enjoy the journey. You are never alone, you are perfect and complete, turn off outside distractions and build 'you time' into every 24 hours. As I have mentioned before, the apocalypse translates to lifting the veil, we are opening energetic doorways and improving life for everyone. When you heal, it removes ancestral and genetic traumas, 'sickness' and patterns of destruction.

Albert Einstein Quote

Sound and energy healing are going to be the main form of healthy treatment going forwards. Innerdance is growing throughout the world, into schools, institutions and practiced by so many more, truly wonderful. I continue to study with the founder, pi, as we research advancements to the workings of the human mind, improving the playlists and energy transmissions, as we change and I am super grateful. Vibrational medicine is for all ages, which is wonderful too, helping the young migrate into the developed energies with ease.

We are being displaced to be placed in our dream existence, uncertainty can be turned into a new level of confidence. The energies are asking that we rewrite our wording, our perceptions and absorb a refreshed approach to every little thing. When people don't believe in magic, they will try to bring you down, please do not let them. We trigger them, totally unintentionally, but that is our dharma, to assist them to evolve. Let's stop sleep walking in a controlled matrix and be the change we want to see in the world, it's time. I love you all, and as always, if you want to book my assistance - to heal yourself through me, as a conduit for the energies - then do get in touch. Enjoy the 11 month (8 year + 3) of powerful energy shifts, major endings + beginnings, a wild ride of change that we are implementing together.



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