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Shifting Into 5D Energy + Super New Moon February 2024

We are in an impressive year of superlative energies and are heading to the first of 3 Super New Moon energy shifts, all coming in succession (Feb, March, April). The first is on 9th February, a Super New Moon in Aquarius at 22:59 London, UK; 23:59 Europe; 14:59 Los Angeles; 17:59 New York and10th February at 09:59 Sydney, Australia. Everything is more magnified with these energies, producing strong emotions, aiding clearing all that no longer serves us, once and for all. Your body may be showing ascension symptoms, looking to grab your attention, for healing the emotions connected with the issues. Detoxing is high on the agenda, please listen to your body, it is your alarm clock for repairing emotions and habits that need to stop being included in your world.

How the energies affect you depends on the level of work you have already put in, let your body be your guide, permit recovery time to linger, if more rest if needed, more time for you to process your thoughts, feelings and perceptions. Contact me, or other professional healers, to aid you with integrating the additional encodings into your being or go into your light body and repair any blockages yourself. The climaxing of the energy shifts we have predicted for many years is with us throughout 2024, there is no 'ignoring' what needs to be left out of your life forever. You will find that what you wish for comes true, good and bad, so be fully in control of your words, feelings and reactions, to everything. You are far more powerful than you were led to believe, let's use that strength to manifest a beautiful world, for us and all the divine young souls coming in this world.

We then have the full activation of Dragon energies, on 10th Feb with Chinese New Year, offering greater personal empowerment. Dragons usher in energies of death and rebirth, as we shift massively, into the human souls we were born to be. The mysteries of all we had forgotten are unveiling and our remembrance of self is most definitely ON. We are moving beyond the realms of the unknown, an exciting new dimension of human experience that was previously, intentionally, hidden via religion, fake science, history and so on. I had a lovely personal dragon activation recently, embodying their energies in a stronger way. I was gifted with the name of my dragon, when staying in an old monastery in the countryside of Belgium last summer, so empowering.

One With Nature

2024 is the start of the next 12 year cycle of the dragon, a formidable threshold of energies, assisting us in bringing ourselves back online. 2012 was also the year of the dragon, when again apocalyptic energies arose, there is truly nothing to fear, it is a Greek word meaning revelation. Many more are waking up to new levels, it is a wonderful period in the evolution of humanity. We are here to establish an advanced civilisation, us upgrading and living in peace, love and laughter, integrating with nature as we should.

The 222 Portal of Opportunity remains open for us too, until 22nd Feb, there is great collaboration of our energies and that of those within the solar system. We are all huge magnets of energy and now is the time to create your dream life. Our job is to vibrate super high daily, to full create a consistent renewed energy of Mother Earth, and all who reside on her. It is extremely beneficial to work with the dimensions, to ground and take your physical form to the next level. We are all potent gateways of energy; divine crystalline beings and I truly hope you are enjoying this time of magnificent upgrading and transformation of you and the world as a whole.

The game of 3D is over, once all the players leave it will end - Sanat Kumara

Brief explanations of the energies of the dimensions:

1st - Self-awareness, inner focused; 2nd - Outer focused - 2 points of connection + movement; 3rd - The screen of life from other dimensions - like a PowerPoint - multiple screens where we are reordering the objects to manifest a greater way of living. You honing in on YOU, your brilliance and abilities, a polarity consciousness, the service state that we are departing

4th - A portal where high emotions surface + we use this dimension to go somewhere else - like an airport. Emotion = energy in motion, see it, deal with it, move on - we no longer need to be 'stuck' anywhere, unless you choose to be

5th - Heaven on Earth - the perception of what we think perfection is - unlocking from the matrix - the free will zone. Inner focused, spiritually based and the understanding Source is real and here to help, creating the ultimate human experience.

6th - A zone of creativity + imagination, outward focused, peace + conscious co-creating with each other, as we upgrade our DNA, our light bodies and allow ourselves to be crystalline beings, here to have fun, joy and laughter.

There is also 7th, 8th, 9th, 10th, 11th, 12th & even a 13th dimension, but I will leave elaborating on those for none. If you would like to book some Intuitive Self-Mastery Coaching then you can book online or drop me a message, to master all that you are.

We move between dimensions moment by moment, based on our thoughts, feelings, reactions and the actions that we take. This is why it is key to not remain embroiled in the fake news, traumatic past experiences, old habits - all the stuff that keeps you 'stuck'. The 5D is a state of being, a level of consciousness that we embody as spiritually awake souls, refining our senses, broadening our perceptions, and sailing through any 'symptoms', aware they are inherent for our healing, signs of what needs working through to allow us to vibe higher, smoothly + easily. We are attuning to new senses, upgrading ourselves, very exciting times, something that has never before been mastered on this scale on earth.

If you want help upgrading your DNA, re-awakening your innate abilities + accessing your highest timelines, then we can do an Innerdance Energy Activation, via Zoom or In-Person, 1:1 or Group. It is a fast-paced healing system for your mind, body and soul and is being used in schools and many institutions throughout the world. All you need is the desire to fully surrender and welcome a rebirthing of you, to live in more bliss, ease and happiness and allow the monumental breakthroughs to occur. I personally achieved a magnificent level on nirvana, doing a similar technique online for 18 months with a soul in Mexico, whilst living in London. Energy is everything and I do not need to be in the same room with you to activate your kundalini energies and aid you in healing yourself.

Life is a game, a puzzle that we piece together as we acquire knowledge, re-remember ourselves (all that was wiped clean prior to coming back into the physical form once more) and daily focus on keeping our energetic vibration high. We need to stop trying to make meaning out of all our experiences, they are lessons on our journey through life, learn and move on. All we encounter is intrinsic for our growth and transcendence, set a goal, achieve it, set another. Let's play the game of life with ease and grace and turn anything previously perceived as a negative into a positive. This can be done by not getting hung up on the shite that is being played out, through fake news, movies, songs.

Merkaba Light Body Activation


I AM asking for a life of heaven on earth for everyone I am in contact (& contract) with - so we can spread the 5D love energies with every encounter

I ask my higher self to join my day and thank you for the synchronicities that are showing up, moment by moment

I AM creating my best life

I AM the divine creator of my life, my thoughts become things

I use my personal authority wisely; my energy is my greatest power tool and I wield its axis with reverence and augmented love

I would not receive a situation in life like this unless I could handle it (our words + perception truly are everything)

It is super helpful if you set the intention to live/work/play in the quantum field so that when we have to 'dip our toes' back into doing stuff, like going shopping, 'work' environments, we do not lower our own vibrations. You are in control, you are taking back the power of your life, see your full body of chakras working with you, your Soul + Earth Star Charkas above the crown + below the feet, all 12 chakras. If you want assistance, I can activate them for you, fully remotely, takes 30 minutes, more info: Chakra Activations.

Enjoy setting/resetting intentions with the New Moon on Friday, generating greater personal power with the enhanced activation of the dragon energies on Saturday and opening to the opportunities of the 222 portal. Please remember to drink lots of water, it really does help with all the upgrades, mental clarity and physical health and wellbeing. This is your year of divine abundance, love, transformation and rebuilding you and your life, I love you.



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