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September Virgo New Moon Energies

Updated: Sep 12, 2023

September is THE most important month in the history of Planet Earth, we are experiencing magnificent energies every day which are beautiful, mesmerising, and healing. To maximise your abilities to receive the light codes and transform your thoughts, feelings and perceptions of everything, it is highly advisable to constantly place your ego in the f**k it bin. It is a time of self-realisation and fully detaching from the egoic self, as we learn to vibe higher and higher. Confidence in YOU and all you can manifest is key, felt from the heart not the noisy brain.

The energies are providing extensive assistance to supply you with a greater understanding of your true self. Be sure to not waver from your strength, power and personal energies, what you emit comes back to you. FREEDOM is your birth right, return to gratitude constantly and remember you do not need external validation from anyone or anything. Overthinking is a big habit that needs to be let go of once more - where does it get you? Nowhere!

On Friday 15th September 2023 we have the next New Moon in Virgo at 02:39am London, UK, 11:39 Sydney, Oz and the day before, 14th Sept, at 21:39 in New York + 18:39 in Los Angeles. THE biggest intention setting day of your lifetime so far, write them down, visualise and feel your dreams into place now. If what you truly want does not show up immediately then, as you know, it is a sign that more personal healing, mastery and growth is required.

Intention setting can begin today and added to throughout the week - I know many of you have done this before but let's rethink everything. Let us re-evaluate our words, I spoke recently in one of videos about the mantra I AM... we also need to be applying I FEEL (Sacral chakra), I LOVE (Heart), I SEE (Third Eye) and so on, dependent on what you are thanking the universe for collaborating with you to manifest into your world. I AM = the root chakra but let's get working with all energy centres, within and outside of the human form.

Please stop forgetting who you truly are, how magical you are and how precious it is to be alive right now. When you are consciously calling in all you deserve this month, ask yourself how much are you willing to give up to be the real YOU? Living in victim mode; in fear; anxiety; worry etc was so ingrained in us that we have to be 100% sure we are open to let this go. It might sound mad but for some it can be more comfortable to remain in lack and blaming everything outside of themselves. You know you are in control, put energy into investing in the beautiful stuff, the garden of eden we came here to experience.

The earth sign of Virgo traits to embody are their honesty, determination, intellect (questioning all we are told) and calm approach to so much of life. The negative traits to remove, are their ruminative practises that lead to excessive over thinking, and this extreme mental energy used to cause (past tense!), almost unexplained, stress, tension, anxiety and dis-ease. Let us remove the negative characteristics, don't allow the obsessive perfectionism to slow you down, and release all overthinking habits.

The darkness has no real existence, it is just the absence of light - do not give it power, do not fall down, karma is gone. Unfinished business is the best term to use, dealing with it, removing it, and stepping into your strength, power and magic at an accelerated rate and to significantly magnified levels. YOU are amazing, we are all ONE and the LOVE energies are surging into earth every moment of every day. Learn the lessons when tested/triggered and move on...step up and have lots of fun. The fallen ones - the renamed dark elite - are crumbling, there is nothing elitist about them, causing others deliberate pain and suffering, whilst controlling their every move is revolting. Let's STOP giving them any power what so ever, I am done giving them air space...time so say adios for good.

If you want help we can do Coaching via Zoom; I have weekly Innerdance Kundalini Activations Online - my next Group In-Person will be towards the end of October, Private 1:1 can be booked anytime, Intuitive Readings, Quantum Healing or learn more about Energy Healing with Reiki Level I, II & Master Teacher all Certified and In-Person or via Zoom (my current age range of clients = 8 years old to 88 years old, super proud of them all.

We then have the energies of the Equinox and merging of the two Suns heading our way, a potent month of frequency vibrations for sure! Have a stunning week and vibe higher and higher, deconstruct attachments and fully understand you are FREE. Do not wait until the universe bitch slaps you into realising your worth, your next step and your true innate abilities. The energies of this New Moon are further upgrading your latent DNA, watch what you eat, drink and think over the next few days. Let's change the trajectory of human existence together, I love you all.



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