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Sacred Geometry For Children

Children are born very aware and awake, spending time bringing them into stillness, and connecting into the power of the energies and shapes, within and around us, improves mental health and abilities to deal with the chaos of life exponentially. Educating them, and ourselves, about the geometric patterns generates free life tools for stability and creativity, expanding our innate inner knowing.

Sacred Geometry for Children

The sacred geometry polygons are key to our overall development: circle/sphere, triangle/tetrahedron, square/cube, pentagon/dodecahedron, hexagon/star tetrahedron. The toroidal (torus) ring of energy around the physical form is a driver for connecting with the sacred geometry freely available to us. Apples, when cut in half through the middle, you can see the seeds form in a 5-pointed star; bees store their honey in sacred geometric forms; our blood cells; trees; snowflakes; salt and diamonds are all further representations. Every cell of the body is pure sacred geometry, the dodecahedron,10 sided geometric shape, makes up the forms within our double helix DNA structure.

Learning all the shapes, the geometric infinity power, opens doorways to greater sense of wonder, and to the power of all things. Expanding abilities for the young souls in our worlds, teaching them how to think for themselves, instead of how we learnt, allowing them to confidently access their own library of knowledge and creativity. The human mind, body and soul is incredibly powerful and full of science, and all to often squashed in the mundane teachings within many institutions (schools).

Adding the understanding, and how to work with the strength and energies provided from crystals is life altering too. They power the technology in our radios, watches, televisions (not that I think we need these), so many everyday items that would not function without crystals. They are natures healing too, gifted to us for guidance, strength and protection, to name a few things.

Sacred Geometry for Children Article

Taking inspired action to keep children's inner knowing alive expands their strength in their capabilities, they are after all the inventors and change makers of the future. Nurturing their individuality, confidence and self-love, further stimulates their inner magic. Learning about the polygons of life, increases their connection to nature, to understanding everything has form, has energy, and directly reflects and expands us. The human heart grows first in the womb, not the mind, so when they combine heart lead, mind guided, habits, the need for healing is prevented as they grow.

The Merkaba, made up of two tetrahedrons, residing in our torus field, is one of my most favourite. My blog on that topic is here: Working with Your Merkaba To Attract Magic Into Your Life, daily focus and activations is key - as important as brushing your teeth. Another blog on this topic: Advanced Sacred Geometry For Ascension Quantum Consciousness as it is definitely one of my many passions.

Cultivating a deeper connection with sacred geometry, shows us how to easily manifest life, with thoughts, knowledge and actions, stress free and with ease. We are their educators to allow their innate abilities to remain online, generating divine magic moment by moment. Drawing, colouring and discovering the sacred geometric forms, represented in life, with meditation and/or music is a game changer on this rollercoaster ride of emotions that we signed up.

I offer Innerdance Sessions -1hr 30mis-2hrs ; Distance Quantum Energy Healing - 40 minutes remote healing and my Certified Reiki Level I Courses via Zoom for Children, further aiding their skills to work with the energies within and around us. I am sure I will revisit Sacred Geometry For Children, as there is much more to learn. Energy is everything, is in all forms and expanding our knowledge of sacred geometry is a game changer.



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