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Rumi Poem

A brief blog today from our Rumi Calendar for 2016

Someone who goes with a half a loaf of bread to a small place 

that fits like a nest around him,

Someone who wants no more,

who's not himself longed for by anyone else.

He is a letter to everyone. You open it. It says,


Most definitely our motto for this week... LIVE your life purpose, live your dreams and have a fantastic week being who you want to be. It is a time of great Spiritual awakening and mindfulness growth for so many through meditation, yoga, reiki and so on. People are learning to retrain their thought processes for greater daily happiness and strength to deal with life's challenges but also it's awesomeness! You can heal, face your fears, forgive yourself and others, and become more aware of epiphanies and intuitive insights that are there to guide us to make decisions for our highest good, not from our ego!

Let's create & live the life of our dreams! 


P.S. The Tower Bridge image was used to indicate it is time to cross the bridge of life and enjoy each moment along the way :).

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