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Remember to Breathe & Laugh Often

Updated: Mar 23, 2020

I cannot express this enough, truly breathing deeply and taking each opportunity to find laughter and happiness is what will get us through the challenging energies of this year. My video with some breathing exercises & another for releasing feeling of shock can help your journey & are on the Handserenity YouTube.

We are getting so caught up in the panic and fear being perpetuated by the media, governments and pharmaceutical industry, that it is paramount you watch your thoughts, alter your mindset and allow yourself to thrive in the chaos. We are built of strong stuff and the current energies are surfacing to wake us up to a far more enlightening way of living. I have constantly said 2020 is going to be the year of so many more souls awakening to spirituality, to the power within us and the energy surrounding us and it is happening! I am super grateful numerous people are coming for Reiki Treatments, coming to learn to Self-Reiki and wanting to live a freer, happier existence.

This week we have the Spring Equinox in Aries, setting the scene for the next 3 months. The energies are all about using your power wisely. We are all incredibly strong and able to transform our lives, we just need to believe it every single minute of every single day and use our personal power judiciously. This is where the deep breathing comes in again, take a moment before you react to conversations, breathe and then respond, so you are being true to yourself and your beliefs, outside of the worry and stress you may be feeling, because of what is being thrown at you.

Remember You rock!

I am available via SKYPE (or in person) if you want some coaching, guidance or to learn Reiki, we are all here for a reason and can make the world a better place with our awesomeness. Have a stunning day.



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