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Overcoming addiction

As with everything in life, one first needs to love and respect oneself enough to then be at peace, internally, to successfully remove anything toxic in our lives. This can be relationships, friendships or common addictions, such as drugs, alcohol and smoking.

Stopping really does have to be a personal decision and no one can be forced into it! I have stopped smoking many times, even been hypnotised once, and still began again under another time of  extreme ‘stress’**.  I did not start smoking until later in life, although that is no excuse.

I wake up, as many smokers do, every day wanting to quit. For me the biggest problem was the addiction. I know from stopping previously that it is possible to relax yourself, without the nicotine sticks and I so craved this again. Stopping gives you so much more energy, a clear head and for me, longer days as I am not watching the clock, waiting for the next cigarette break!

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy is a great tried and tested way to aid stop. Completing homework diaries to monitor the thought processes each time a desire surfaces and changing these thoughts into positive affirmations. I chose a personal mantra that seems to be working wonders ‘I don’t want to put nicotine into my body anymore, I want to control my relaxation’ I am currently on day 2.

Breaking a habit really is about re-training our brain to no longer crave the previously desired item, whether it be food, alcohol, smoking or anything that we are trying to give up!

Advice: For every craving or desire remember why you are doing this, how amazing you are going to feel and how much your health will benefit! Feeding our souls correctly reaps massive rewards!

**One of the best explanations of stress I heard recently is: 'How we respond when our needs are not meet!', food for thought!



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