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Tips for Staying Calm And Conscious during Instability

Updated: Dec 16, 2020

Staying calm and consciousness no matter what is going on around you takes practice and time to master. Take it a day at a time. Since fully awakening to spirituality I have been able to keep super calm and relaxed at every step, until recently when I had to move house. I regressed back into the stressed out individual that I used to be (with the added crazy of 2020 added into the mix) and it took some time to rebalance and realign myself. When we are thrown off by an action, event, or another persons destructive energy, then it is important to delve into why we are feeling this way and what it is triggering in us. I have moved many times and had a real dislike for it. I have enjoyed applying extra self-reiki, reaping the benefits and being reminded of its power.

After applying some cleansing and clearing I am now super excited about moving again and when I went to see my stuff in storage, I was very happy it was there. An unusual feeling for me, I used to hate it being there, disliking the discombobulation it creates, yet this time I am enjoying the break from 'things / possessions'. Everything we experience requires a review of our perception and thought processes, which is quite exciting as we get to renew our thinking and update old habits and processes.

I was drawn to write this blog as many of my clients are going through similar stressful times (who isn't in 2020!) and want to help you form a daily routine to bring you back into consciousness, clarity and calmness. As empaths we are unsettled by the broken energy of others and when we are ourselves experiencing major stress, it is easy for them to infiltrate our energies and (sometimes) suck the life out of us! Protection and self-care is very important but can be forgotten when we are out of sorts. Let's get daily practices in place so that we can thrive and enjoy everything.

Daily Practice:

1.Set an Intention each morning (preferably on waking up)

2. Perform a Protection Ritual (if you live with energy vampires then perform it immediately or before you enter into their aura). I am currently using this daily! Every encounter we have, energy is exchanged, good and bad! The full article is here: Protection from Psychic Vampires For Empaths

1st: Visualise taking a golden cord from the top of your head right down your coccyx and down your legs. See the gold cord go from the centre of your feet into the centre of the earth below.

2nd: Imagine a golden cord from right to left, through your arms & heart.

3rd: At the front centre of the body, imagine a cord through your heart, front to back.

**1 - 3 makes a golden grid around and through the body.

4th: Visualise a vortex of energy around you – counter clockwise. See it go into your heart & into your pelvis. Clear any darkness of energy, remove it, and visualise it being sucked down into the centre of the earth.

5th: Visualise there is a ball of energy in the centre of the earth that is clearing and cleansing the energy from the destructive energy vampire.

6th: Put a bubble of energy around you and visualise mirrors (facing outwards, like car wing mirror size), from your head to your feet, surrounding you. This will STOP people landing on you and being able to tap into you.

Finally: Take your hands to Namaste position (together at the front of your heart, a few inches from the body). Keeping them together bring them up to your 8th Chakra, above your crown chakra, a few inches above the head, and pull the energy down to your feet. This is for further protection. *Use this ritual whenever you feel drawn too and as many times a day as you like

3. Create a daily Mantra, I use the one below as it supports my life path of helping others. Choose words that uplift and support you on your journey, repeat it throughout the day (should you feel challenged at any point) and, if you are able to, print your mantra and place it in a position where it is visible to you every day

4. Goal list - this can be done the day before, during the night or on waking, whatever suits you and your life. The vital thing is being clear on what you are looking to achieve each day. Take steps towards your ultimate dreams daily too.

5. Be Grateful - Either recite as many things as you like (minimum of 3) to yourself or keep a gratitude journal.

6. Be Conscious of the energies around you, the support available to you from the other side (we all have Angels with us, we just need to get into the habit of calling on them more!) and use it to help your grounding, strength building and clarity of mind

7. Cleanse Yourself of Another's Negative Energies by literally 'throwing off' their energy. Bring your arms out in front of you, backs of the palms together and swipe to the back of your body, cleansing your aura. This works until you can get to a quiet space and perform a cleansing ritual, self-reiki session or get a Reiki Treatment done to remove the negative blockages from you

8. Declutter Your Space and Your Mind, constantly review your clutter and remove anything that is holding you back. My blogs on this topic, including Feng Shui, can help too.

9. Look After Yourself - this sounds obvious but some people can be their own biggest critic, and this kind of behaviour is incredibly damaging to the mind, body and spirit. Your thoughts create your world, so choose them wisely

10. Take Time for Yourself by spending time in Nature or doing one of the things you love the most, whether it is playing the piano, dancing, singing, whatever brings you great joy. An hour without technology would be awesome but if you need it for your hobby then that is an exception!

11 Believe in YOU and all that you can achieve, even small steps will get you there.

I am on a mission to help people eradicate dis-ease, stress and the negativity of others from their lives. Mind over matter is very powerful and the more tools we apply to ourselves, the easier life becomes. Since performing Reiki I do not get sick, have got rid of my asthma and my severe nut allergy that I had since childhood, as Reiki Energy ignites the immune system to heal itself, over and above what the body naturally provides. The universe challenges us to make us stronger and evolve into even more amazing beings and this year is most certainly doing just that!

Conducting self-reiki works wonders and I experienced the physical transformations energy healing produces recently after applying it daily after an accident. The Universe wanted me to remember it’s strength for sure and I get to teach Level I again this week so that another soul can benefit daily from self-healing. Message me for courses via Skype or In-Person. I have an Online version available to, that you can study in your own time at home. Meditation, yoga, Qi-gong and such like, all help rebalance you and remove the negativity that can lead to disease.

Vulnerability has been another lesson of 2020 for many of us too, as we have found ourselves in unusual situation, asking for help is great. Personally I always hated putting others out, but the beautiful souls who have stepped forward to help, and those that have offered support, has been phenomenal this year. Be sure to reach out to those you love too, and embrace the healing you get from the memories you create and the laughter that ensues. Enjoy planning for your Christmas gatherings; remove any fear and end 2020 in the manner that it is meant, full of happiness. Enjoy the love of each other and enter into 2021 stronger, happier and feeling more at peace with the world.

Take great care of yourself and those most important to you.



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