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Gemini New Moon & Upping Our Protection Rituals

Updated: Jun 14, 2023

The energies are wobbly this week, no other way to describe them! As we are becoming more sovereign, more open to the energies, and our psychic and telepathic abilities increase, we are very much being called to ensure we apply greater protection to our own auric fields. Magic is here but there will always be darkness and light, as that is the nature of life on Earth. Hence why craziness is still unfolding, like the mass destruction of nature in Canada - one of our biggest protections against 5G, EMF's & the damage that technology permeates. We therefore need to call in our guides, ancestors, dragons, spirit team every single day + night. I complete a shamanic ritual + the daytime protection below from Dr Christiane Northrup - before leaving the house or welcoming another soul's energies into my space.

Daytime Protection Ritual

Perhaps set an intention that the right protection practices will show up for you. I have unknowing been calling this in & a powerful free webinar showed up from one of my Shamanic guides, a medicine woman, Kerri Hummingbird.

We are all unique, so although I write weekly about my experiences and guidance please listen to YOUR heart (your true mind) and what you need will unfold. We may have been doing the healing work longer but none of us need 'gurus' or 'masters' to instruct us - YOU are your own Master/Guru, when you fully listen within and trust yourself.

The Gemini New Moon is approaching on Sunday,18th June 2023 at 05:37 London, UK; 00:37 New York; 14:37 Sydney & 17th June at 21:37 Los Angeles. Let's embody the impulsive, loud traits of the sign of Gemini, they adore speaking their mind, and this can help you to clear up emotions that block your path. Write down, if you cannot confront another face to face, anything that needs verbalising. It may be a New Moon but burning rituals are still super powerful in the energies around Sunday. Intention setting is key, the Universe cannot help you, if it cannot hear you. Let's get manifesting some magic this week/weekend, we all deserve to have all we desire, to live with ease and peace.

Some will not 'listen' and will try and avoid you, in order to continue living in darkness, sickness and victim mentality. "It is happening to me", "They did this...", NO, we called it in, as a mirror of what we dislike about ourselves or need to work through. I know my energies trigger people, reflecting to them what they need to heal, so they avoid contact or step away all together (removing the drama from my sphere). People have to want to heal themselves & if they choose to remain in the stuck, controlling, untruthful ways of the 3D Matrix then it is their choice. EVERYONE, no matter their age, their past, their circumstances, CAN heal themselves. I have seen CIA documents, written many years ago, proving this very fact but then you wouldn't feed their pharmaceutical pockets.

Healing involves constantly entering the dark night of the soul, it hurts, its horrid BUT it is worth it. Unless we fully activate and clear our souls vessels, the past and all the parts of ourselves that represent the old us, then we will remain stuck too.

Since further activating my Kundalini daily, more has surfaced that was unfinished but the underlying strength, love and trust I have gained, out ways any 'struggles'. We are here to evolve, to heal our ancestral lineage and have oodles of fun. Let's get calling in more fun, let's unite to ensure the frequency we emanate is stronger, purer, cleansed & full of LOVE.

We have the Summer Solstice on 21st June, a lovely day of abundant energies, more upgrades of ourselves and alterations to our perceptions of the world + a magnificent Portal opening on 7/7 in the 7th year (2023), which I will write about with the Full Moon energies later in the month. It can be a great idea to declutter your home some more, especially where you sleep. When the space is calm, the mind is calm, removing as much technology as possible aids greatly too. TVs are portals for negative energies to enter your space as you sleep, at least cover electric items, if you are not wanting to remove them. Ritual suggestions here; follow your heart though. Have an amazing week, get in touch if I can help, Quantum Distance Reiki can be performed to anywhere in the world. My next In-Person Kundalini Session in Richmond is this Saturday, for anyone called to join (£35 for returning clients), be sure to pay in advance to secure your place.

Sending lots of love.



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