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Energies of Discovery & Love this Full Moon

Updated: Jun 4, 2020

As we enter a new month, the focus is on LOVE, for yourself, the people in your life, and all that you have and are manifesting. Be kind to yourself, the pandemic anxiety is showing up in our individual worlds in many different ways, and it is very important to 'ride the wave'. Do not be concerned if you feel 'off' or have a day when nothing seems to go right and your motivation levels are floored. The emotions, energies and massive changes we are experiencing are life challenges that we can learn and grow from...on our stronger days. Take time out when you need to, ignore judgement by others, as that is their way of being.

Working to bring negative thoughts and feelings to a positive as they occur is an important growth tool. Gratitude for all you have will see you achieve awesome results, it takes practice but you can do it! No one has the right to judge another, their energy would be better served looking within and working to heal themselves but we can't 'change' others. We are all amazing; some just don't fully believe it yet. What we perceive as difficulties are lessons that the Universe is providing for our healing and new journey on planet earth.

The next Strawberry Full Moon, in Sagittarius, the last one of Spring, with a lunar eclipse, is this Friday, 5th June 2020 at 20.12 pm in the UK. Usually the focus is on releasing all the stress, anger and frustration you feel with others, situations, and yourself, and although this is very essential, embodying the ritual of discovering, writing and visualising all you desire is your calling this week. Find the energy and space to relearn a new way of thinking and dispense with old habits and perceptions. Release those that do not appreciate you, fully support your journey, or that make you feel less than yourself. After all this craziness, it is crucial to stand strong in your own skin and those that do not accept you, and love you as you are, can continue their life path elsewhere, whilst you thrive.

New friendships, relationships and personal strength are forming out of the struggles and it is awesome to see. In some ways we have been 'hiding under a bush' until the crazy is over, unable to compute all that is happening and unsure what the future holds but it is now your time to stand tall, support those who need us, whilst working on flourishing so we can give back even more to society. Turn any frustration into expansion, success and abundance... what you used to think was the right path has changed but everything is good, it is all happening for a reason.

Mass protests in America have been predicted by many of my spiritual community for some months and now it has arrived. Awful circumstances and it is sad certain people think they are above everyone else and also the laws of the world. The entity (I struggle to call him a human/person, as his lack of empathy and care for others is evident) that currently rules them is a white supremacist that thinks the colour of his skin makes him superior... his lack of common sense, realism and love for others is frightening. The Universe is certainly sending a massive message with his behaviour... we are all the same on the inside... when we crossover the 'status', skin colour and material belongings no longer exist/matter/become in any way important.. a lesson he will learn soon. Anyway, lets get back to us, we can stand strong with them and fight in all the ways we can but this is Americas journey and much needed to alter the current madness, on top of everything that is happening. Remember that no one is better than anyone else.

Astrologically, Saturn, Venus & Jupiter are in retrograde... thankfully Mercury Retrograde does not occur again until 18th June - 12th July, so get those new plans in place, sign the contracts and then anything left uncompleted can wait until after 12th July.

Embrace the energies this next cycle and redefine your life path, social interactions and future plans, a huge period of personal growth awaits all those willing to adapt and thrive. Begin to prepare your releasing pages today and complete the Ritual on Friday, cleanse your crystals and declutter all the blockages within your home and body. If you want help with internal emotional, physical and mental blockages then book a Reiki Treatment, In-Person or at a Distance; a Full Moon life review with an Intuitive Reading via Skype or one of my courses.

It is a wonderful moon cycle to learn, heal and grow so you can be the best version of yourself every day. Happy Releasing and Visualising Week.



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