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The Full Moon Energies Closing 2020

Updated: Dec 29, 2020

The last Full Moon falls in the water sign of Cancer on 30th December 2020 (UK) at 3.28am and 29th December (PST) at 7.28pm. The sign of Cancer is ruled by the moon and so this will cause emotions and feelings that have been 'brewing under the surface' to come to a head/out in the open. It is time to express your thoughts clearly and concisely, so that they are not taken the wrong way but do ensure that you are heard. Holding onto anger, resentment, upset, tension, stress and such like causes frustration and dis-ease for only you. Clear anything that needs to be said over the next few days.

Many of us feel the beginning of the energy shifts the week prior to the Full or New Moon, some up to two weeks in advance, and then the week following the changes. No wonder the festive period has been even harder to assimilate, as we sense the discord and waves of energy alterations. Full Moons are the climax of the moon cycles; let's do the work to ensure we enter 2021 stronger, clear of negative energy, damaging habitual thought patterns, and any fear that is lingering from the tumultuous 2020. If you want help, via Skype for Spiritual Coaching, an Intuitive Reading or Distance Energy Healing then drop me a message so we can get you cleansed and ready for 2021. Super high feelings of sadness, joy, emotional wounding and desire to make changes, are also coming to the surface. Allow all that comes up to unfold so we can enter the New Year free from any emotional, physical and mental blockages that were holding us back.

The powerful energy shifts we are experiencing have seen many more souls awaken (or begin to) spiritually and learning a whole new way of seeing life and the world as a whole. Embracing the energies that surround you is paramount as we close of this turbulent year of chaos, rebirth and transformation.

Astrologically and energetically the earth moves through a galactic current sheet approximately every 12,000 years, upgrading our consciousness and it has been happening throughout this month. What we are experiencing are cosmic pulses of gamma rayan, neutrino energy that is upgrading our DNA and changing human existence forever. Plasma and cosmic waves of energy began on 9th December and peaked on the Solstice. We still experienced (and more will still show up) tough emotional energies and discombobulating personally, that has taken great strength to get through. The peak of the wave of energy shifts will see us enter an age of energetic harmony, climaxing in 2024 and that will last for 180 - 200 years. Life is changing forever and it is very exciting. Preparing your souls journey for a new level of happiness, love of life and appreciating the little things has been the trajectory of 2020 and is to be continued into 2021.

Chaos is still present, the universe is asking us to ride the wave of change with patience, self-love and understanding that this is all needed for life to transform forever. Everything is happening as it should, as tough as this has been to accept. Storms occur for us to learn, grow and thrive in a new way, beyond anything we would ever have imagined. Find pockets of positivity, work with your intuition and prepare your releasing sheet ready for burning on the 29th or 30th December 2020.

Open your heart and third eye; allow them to guide you, as you learn greater ways to work with your intuition, inner voice and heartfelt desires. Emotional security will continue to be challenged, we are being asked to rise above the drama and negativity, learn all we can daily and pass that knowledge onto those around us. I felt drawn to work over the last few days and am truly thankful energy work can be done at a distance and enlightens the souls receiving the coaching, healing and intuitive readings.

We are experiencing a surge of energy that has been predicted by prophets and our ancestors. We knew this was going to be a special year, the clarity was not clear until the months unfolded; let's end it as the best version of ourselves. Remove fear, be calm and let in the excitement, something amazing is coming and we need to be open and welcoming to the waves of energy available to us.

Have a stunning end to 2020, message for advice and enjoy the energy upgrading the whole world is receiving. Changes are occurring on a personal level, empathetic and psychic skills are growing for many of us and it is now time to shine. Discovering solutions and making the big leaps of change we have been putting off, is our calling as 2020 comes to a close. I have set up a Facebook Group for Spiritual Coaching so that like-minded souls can chat and support each other and provide all that I learnt and continue to discover. Weekly Skype/Zoom calls to help your spiritual growth journey are available too. We are in this together and upgrading our spiritual mastery with each other is going to be amazing.

Moon Cycle dates for your diary: Lunar Calendar 2021 and a suggested ritual for Wednesday morning (or complete 24 hours either side of the Moon at it's fullest): Full Moon Ritual. The energies of the full moon are about releasing the old but if you are drawn to write a goal list then do so, as we enter into 2021 on Friday. Crystals that are beneficial at this time include: Selenite, for grounding; Lemurian Quartz, as we upgrade our spiritual practice; Amazonite for strength and courage for the challenges unfolding; Blue Apatite for increasing your appetite for life and clearing the way for the new year; Labradorite, to bring in the magical energies and Clear Quartz because no home should be without some! Remember to smudge your home and yourself with sage, frankincense, palo santo or herbs of your choice and cleanse your Crystals ready for your new adventures and further personal growth in 2021.



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