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Lunar Calendar for 2021

Looking into the dates of the moon cycles for 2021, the energy feels calmer already! There will be 4 Supermoon's, March, April, May & June and each month only has one of each cycle. The journey is certainly going to be lighter than 2020, thankfully.

The moon cycles bring energy changes and can affect your mood and personal energy levels. People often experience emotional imbalances the week prior too either the New or Full Moon. This is why I highly recommended recording the dates on your calendar so that you can be aware of thoughts and feelings that arise and better manage your response to situations. Each Full Moon it is good to cleanse your crystals, charge them in the light of the moon and complete the Releasing Ritual. New Moon cycles are about setting your goals and reviewing the list throughout the month, as you complete them and achieve your dreams.

The final full and new moons of this year supply us with further opportunities to cleanse our energies and start planning for the New Year. Work on the daily brain re-training for clearing the negative thought patterns as they arise and replacing them with positivity. It is a good idea to learn improved ways to protect your energies from the negativity of others too. I have Spiritual Coaching sessions available to help you, more details here and protection rituals in previous blogs.

New Moon - Goal Setting

13 January 2021 Capricorn 05:02:37

11 February 2021 Aquarius 19:08:11

13 March 2021 Pisces 10:23:32

12 April 2021 Aries 03:32:56

11 May 2021 Taurus 20:01:33

10 June 2021 Gemini 11:54:05

10 July 2021 Cancer 02:17:43

8 August 2021 Leo 14:50:46

7 September 2021 Virgo 01:52:01

6 October 2021 Libra 12:05:44

4 November 2021 Scorpio 21:15:26

4 December 2021 Sagittarius 07:44:30

Full Moon - Releasing Ritual

28 January 2021 Leo 19:18:35 Wolf Moon

27 February 2021 Virgo 08:19:36 Snow Moon

28 March 2021 Libra 19:50:04 (Supermoon) Worm Moon

27 April 2021 Scorpio 04:33:04 (Supermoon) Pink Moon

26 May 2021 Sagittarius 12:14:51 (Supermoon) Flower Moon

24 June 2021 Sagittarius 19:40:14 (Supermoon) Strawberry

24 July 2021 Aquarius 03:37:27 Buck Moon

22 August 2021 Aquarius 13:02:15 Sturgeon Moon

21 September 2021 Pisces 00:54:44 Corn Moon

20 October 2021 Aries 15:57:41 Hunter's Moon

19 November 2021 Taurus 08:59:41 Beaver Moon

19 December 2021 Gemini 04:37:58 Cold Moon

Mercury Retrograde Dates:

January 30th, 2021 (Aquarius) – February 19th, 2021 (Pisces)

May 31st, 2021 (Gemini) – June 21st, 2021 (Gemini)

September 28th, 2021 (Libra) – October 16th, 2021 (Libra)

Advise for planning and thriving during these periods is here: Ways to Dazzle During Mercury Retrograde.

The remaining moon dates for 2020:

New Moon

14th December in Sagittarius 16:16

Full Moon

30th December in Cancer 03.38, known as the Cold Moon

Happy manifesting, enjoy releasing any blockages and have fun visualising your wildest dreams in place. Blog for the next New Moon on the 14th will be live soon.



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