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February's Ascension Update + New Moon in Aquarius

Updated: Jan 28, 2022

The energies have truly been testing us lately, to ensure we cleanse, clear and release past thoughts, feelings and habits so that we are open to the transformation of Mother Earth during 2022 and beyond. January has been chaotic emotionally, especially with the insertion of Mercury Retrograde into the mix, anxiety rising one minute then uncontrollable laughter the next, it has been an interesting ride for sure. Some people are experiencing unexplained aches and pains which is also part of the process. Our bodies react based on the emotional blockages we are holding on to, so please work on letting go of the old to make way for the new you. I have seen a wonderful increase in men stepping forwards for Reiki Treatments, both In-Person + Distance sessions, as they are wanting to learn how to work with their emotions on a whole new level, very exciting!

The next New Moon is in the Saturn-ruled star sign of Aquarius on Tuesday 1st February at 05:45 (London, UK), 00:45pm (New York, U.S.A.), 16:45am (Sydney, Australia) + the day before, 31st January 2022 at 21:45pm in Los Angeles, U.S.A. Saturn is about challenging boundaries and rules and this is exactly what we are seeing throughout the world. The gigantuous coming together of communities so that we no longer lay down and accept the untruths and exaggerations being forced on us is wonderful to see. Not least the miles of truckers descending on Ottawa for a massive protest in a few days which is encouraging other countries to do the same on such a large scale. Things are looking up; the restrictions are lifting and I am looking forward to once more travelling the world. Have you packed your suitcase ready (positive actions :-))?

This Moon Cycle coincides with the Festival of Imbolc, the beginning of Spring in the northern hemisphere with the Swan Maiden Goddess Brigid. Also, Lammas, the harvest holiday in the southern hemisphere and Chinese New Year, 2022 is the year of the Tiger. A busy time of rebirth for society as the universal energies provide a tabula rasa, a period where we can free the mind of preconceived ideas, the opportunity for a clean slate, a fresh start, a wonderful period to begin again with positivity and a new level of awakening. Mercury Retrograde ends on 4th Feb too, with the shadow period seeing us finally released from its grasp on 10th or 11th. Remember, you can override its negativity with your thoughts and actions, it just takes work and strong intention setting. We have lots to celebrate and are being encouraged to be super grateful for all that we have and all that we are manifesting.

The Ascension Energies are on fire and the transformation of human consciousness is evolving at a rapid rate. We are experiencing a DNA upgrade, an enhanced understanding of the Galactic Federation that is supporting our journey with increased perception and psychic abilities. As many of my fellow Lightworkers know, Atlantis pops into the conversation often as it is now our time to create heaven on earth. Many of the souls who were part of the original wave have reincarnated on planet earth or are guiding us from afar via our intuition and synchronicities that are appearing for us daily.

Kyle Gray has a great description in the guidebook of his latest card deck, Gateway of Light Activation. 'Atlantis was an advanced civilisation that existed thousands of years ago in the centre of the Atlantic Ocean. Its people were evolved with many spiritual gifts. They were telepathic, extremely psychic, and known for their ability to combine the laws of science and spirituality to develop technology and create heaven on Earth. But somewhere along the way, many of them stopped respecting their gifts and spiritual connection. Their disrespect for the Earth and ocean caused a great cataclysm that brought their civilisation to an end.' This time we are going to get it right and see Earth advance magically, so if you have been drawn to work more closely with the universal energies, do it now!

There is a focus is on new and renewed friendships this New Moon, gathering for laughter and mind expansion experiences, as we come together in love and harmony. Joy, happiness and abundance are at the forefront of our lives and we really are here to enjoy each and every moment, no matter what we are doing. The energies are awakening our curiosity, creativity and desire to have more fun as we learn a new way to perceive life today. Extra self-care is recommended, decluttering your space and your mind constantly and wanting to heal and change your world. Work on throwing out any fear, judgement or over thinking today.

We are also heading to the opening of a powerful portal of energy on 22nd February 2022, the Sirius Gateway, often referred to as the Lionsgate Activation, which usually occurs in August. It is a dynamic source of spiritual light and will supply a supercharged ability to manifest and create miracles. A period of great awakening, an enlightening, empowering and magical time of transformation. The greater the healing work you can do on yourself now, the more open you will be to ride the changes with ease. Booking a series of Reiki + Coaching can massively help, reading those books, watching channels such as GAIA TV and learning about a cleaner way to live with the food you eat and the products you use, in your home and on yourself, with things like Do share any resources you have discovered too, one great thing about communities coming together is the sharing of information to help us be more sustainable, resourceful and healthier.

When writing your intentions for this month during your New Moon Ritual, ask yourself some questions such as: 'What am I prepared to do differently to open yourself up to...(insert your wishes)'; 'How does my completed list make me feel?' - if your list does not ignite passion, creativity and excitement in your soul then have a rethink and potentially adjust your goals to that which makes you smile as you read it. Have a wonderful day and, as always, if you want help do get in touch and we can get you booked in. 2022 is our year to evolve, thrive and live more joyously, happy manifesting.



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