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FEAR - False Evidence Appearing Real

Updated: Feb 15, 2019

One of my many goals is to make health and wellness as infectious and widely talked about as misery, pain and complaining. We certainly pick up nasty habits growing up because of all the bad news and negativity that is so commonly thrown at us daily over and above positivity, hope and laughter.

In order to fully heal, from disease, depression or to remove the emotional blockages holding us back, we must face our biggest fears and this can be incredibly daunting. The ingrained ego-driven fear of working on changing to completely heal can seem scarier than 'illness' itself.

Fear is often felt when we feel we are in danger, are trapped in a situation or can see no resolution to a problem. By ignoring or denying our fearful thoughts we can become emotionally stuck and unable to move forwards. Avoiding the thoughts just mean they will resurface at another time, they cannot be deflected forever. Face up to your biggest fears NOW, face them full on, deal with them and fully grow and you can transform your world permanently.

"there is nothing to fear but fear itself' Franklin. D.Roosevelt

Sometimes it can feel like a double edged sword - we must 'deal' with the FEAR and remove it from our thought process so it does NOT remain a focus but by concentrating on a problem in desperation, wanting to find the 'fix' immediately, we then bring in the the Law of Paradoxical Intent. This says that 'the more desperate you are to achieve a certain goal the more that needy desperate energy pushes the goal away and creates the paradox or the opposite of your intention'. It really is a case of 'be careful what you wish for'. As with anything, it is all about the balance, removing the 'control' from the fear based thinking and working with the desired, long term outcome, not how it is actually going to be achieved.

'We are talking about your nervous system becoming the greatest pharmacist in the world' Dr Joe Dispenza from Becoming Supernatural.

I love helping people to remove emotional, mental and physical blockages with Reiki BUT for the results to be truly life changing we need to work together to re-train the brain. Underlying emotional issues have to be healed to ensure life altering dis-ease do not take hold.

Pharmaceutical companies, tablets & pills only mask the true symptoms, the more we can investigate the emotional issues behind the disease, the greater the success. The companies are so powerful that they are 'listened too' over our intuition, self belief and knowledge of our own bodies and minds.

New habits that help with the retraining include:

  • setting daily positive intentions

  • clearly define what it is you truly want and where you want to be (do not worry about how you will get there, just concentrate on the outcome)

  • meditate / practice yoga / regular reiki sessions or self-reiki sessions

  • addressing anything that you have 'hidden' in the back of your mind, work through it, write it down, burn it and move forwards. We have the next Full Moon on Monday 18th, so perfect to perform another Releasing Ritual

  • Living life in JOY, letting go & appreciating all that you have (rather than what you feel is missing). Gratitude is THE best abundance manifesting tool & it's FREE!

Negative thoughts very much affect our energy and our consciousness. we can get so embroiled in the 'problems' that we can in turn come to feel totally off balance and as though we have lost our sense of Self. Do not fear though, you can always reground, realign and clear any energy blockages and restart your positive mindset. It is again about not letting set backs 'take hold' but recognising when we feel off balance and increasing our self care at these times. It is one reason I encourage clients to book regular treatments, whether that is weekly, fortnightly, monthly or every six weeks. Frequently realigning your energy and 'clear out' the clutter has an immensely positive affect on your health, wellbeing and ability to remain centred and calm even when chaos arises.

When you feel consumed by one problem remember that does not mean everything else is now a failure or issue. We must focus on the gratitude & all that is wonderful in our worlds, although this can seem very difficult sometimes! Applying all the 'tools' we learn along the way helps loads. One of my students reminded me today about sending one of the Reiki symbols ahead of situations to aid their success, this is a great way to ensure positive energies surround an event and many report favourable outcomes.

I am very eager to help many more people truly understand the control they have over their destiny, their health, wellbeing and mental strength. Clear out the mental clutter and you really can alter your personality, your inner trauma and stress and increase your self-confidence, self-worth and ability to be who you are truly meant to be.



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