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Cosmic Party this August

August is a magical month that will see big shifts for many of us! One phrase that very much sums up the astrological planetary activity right now is 'a cosmic party full of pivotal swings in emotional & physical plans, for today & the future.'  This is especially highlighted with the 2 eclipses this month and Mercury going into retrograde on 12th August until 5th September 2017. It is vital to double check those to-do lists & ensure all communication is as clear as possible. If you are not sure something has been understood correctly, go back & check with those involved. It is also key to not sign any new contracts unless the plans have been going on for sometime & a conclusion is inevitable during Mercury Retrograde. I wrote a more in-depth blog almost a year to the day in 2016 about this very topic... see the full details HERE.

The Solar Eclipse on 21st August 2017 during the New Moon is going to be unbelievably epic. Each New Moon is always a time for fresh starts and new beginnings; this one is going to be particularly extraordinary. For me the OM always appears & symbolises new adventures & new starts. It is a truly wonderful time to develop new relationships, especially true love, just don't make any set plans until after 5th September!! Many of us will see the status quo shaken up and things that were previously out of our line of sight /our perception will fly into our lives and change our whole outlook & potentially our whole world. It feelings like an incredibly exciting and evolving time, a new start for so many and away from the external negativity that we cannot control. For Empaths, it is important to do your protection work before leaving the house or when going into difficult or new situations so that the issues of others do not enter into your space.

It is a Black Moon that only occurs every two to three years and signifies the start of a very significant phase. Be sure to complete the new ritual, setting out your plans for the month and preparing for this exciting time of new beginnings.

I do believe that with everything that is going on in the world, America is a great example, we will see, & some of us will instigate, a coming together & a collective of people standing up and saying 'no' to the wrongs that are transpiring everywhere. What is occurring can seem quiet destructive & horrid but there needs to be a big shift & so many more people are 'waking up' and standing up and helping enlighten others so that things can improve everywhere. 

Have a truly amazing week and be sure to plan for the Solar Eclipse in just under a week's time. 

Message me any questions or comments and have a fabulously uplifting week. See my New Moon Ritual Blog for more details for next week. 



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