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Cancer New Moon Energies of Euphoria

Updated: Jul 1

July is a month of prosperity and abundance, opportunities to release emotions connected with obstacles you previously created to block the flow. Fling open the doors and energetically step over the threshold into your golden timeline, with fearless trust in your abundant sovereign self, overflowing with wealth, love and miracles. Your confidence, ambition and the vibrational frequency of mastery that you emanate, will be reflected back to you.

Many words (spells) to describe the energies over the coming days, euphoria, blast off, inner nirvana, a huge elevation in our connection to the quantum field. A magical expansion of consciousness, self-belief, wonderment, and desire to live our best lives. Wow, even writing that, I perceive a rise in the energies, we can choose to make ourselves energetically invisible from all that we do not wish to encounter, so very cool. Our power is undeniable, when we keep our ego in check, vibe high and release negative dense energies each day.

On Friday 5th July 2024 we have a compelling New Moon in Cancer at 00:59 Europe; 23:59 London, UK; 15:59 Los Angeles; 18:59 New York and on 6th July at 08:59 in Sydney. Harnessing the energies on offer, enthusiastically and attentively, will see you easily recondition your life. Be sure to set renewed intentions/mantras for July: I call in...; I am loving...: I am grateful for... the enigmatic life unfolding before my very eyes. "I take calculated risks towards..." - you decide.

Dr Wayne Dyer Quote

Spells of difficult, hard, stressed, tired, I do not have enough off, and so on, need to be recast onto and into your being. All the abruptness, rudeness, self-centred pity, permeated from others does not enter our field or lower our vibration. The preservation of our quantum field is very exciting and upscaling us, our abilities and flinging open the doors to an abundance of unconditional love, joy and co-creation. Any lesser energies fall away, we remain untouched energetically my another's lack of self-belief, plethora of perceived problems and all they choose to call in, because we are vibing high angels.

Our energetic vibration expands with each interaction, super grateful for these days of Heaven on Earth that flow to us with ease and grace. The present moment is our best friend, love energies exude from us, and life altering experiences reveal themselves. The connection of our higher selves is switched on, turned up and amplified with every thought, action, and decision we make. We are teammates with our ego, in full acceptance that we can have it all. Unaccompanied by the spells of drama, fear, worry and unworthy, our energetic reset is boosted. Apply your daily rituals, your healing practices, and management of self, with precision and renewed appetite.

It is time for a cleanse of our spiritual closets, a recalibration of all we see, sense, feel and call in, allowing us to smoothly vibrate higher. When you wish to summon increased amounts of fabulousness into your life - dream it, feel it, refurbish your thoughts and revamp your actions. The 7:7 Portal, on Sunday, is a awesome opportunity for this, magnifying your connections to spirit, the quantum energies and continuing the increase in your wealthy and happiness.

I AM the Creator of My Own Life

Our lifetimes of judgement, of self and others, is over, please stop intentionally hurting yourself. Your subconscious mind does not know you are projecting your inner brokenness onto external problems/issues/made up stuff (by perceptions). It thinks you are talking/thinking/reacting to yourself. Habitual arrogance, rudeness, or with a personal lens that can only 'see' the victim self is not part of our world. They can choose to generate a multitude of concerns, sickness, and imaginary challenge after challenge but we select energies of love, kindness, abundance and hope.

You can have it all, reach for the stars this week, step into your golden timeline and dance like no one is watching. Enjoy the Cancer New Moon energies of euphoria, I love you all and wish you a truly elaborate and impressive start to July 2024. You know where I am if you need my assistance remotely or virtually via Zoom.



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