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Changing our relationship with food into a positive!

If we actually calculated how much time we spending thinking about our weight, the way we look and how the world perceives us, I think we would be shocked! If only we can encourage more people to feel happy in their own skins then grocery stores and pharmaceutical companies really would have to re think the way they operate!

Obesity is a world epidemic but something that is rarely discussed opening is the malnutrition. We have all seen the horrific images of  children in third world countries, without ever looking closer to home.

Undernourishment causes fatigue, weak muscles, low mood and development issues, especially for children and teenagers as they grow. Signs to watch out for are changes in behaviour such as unusually irritable, overly anxious behaviour and lack of concentration. It can be as simple as reviewing the daily food intake, to ensure enough protein, carbohydrates and micronutrients are being consumed.

Suggested Exercise: Try spending one day a week ‘throwing out’ any negative thoughts and comments about the way you look and see what a difference it makes!

If you are concerned about anyones eating habit, find a time to address this with them or with an adult, if they are children. They could have a very high metabolism or they could be deeply hurting inside, causing the bad relationship with food.



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