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Book Review - January 2016

"The greatest gift that any of us are granted is the gift of our imagination." Dr Wayne Dyer writes "if you want to accomplish anything you must first be able to expect it of yourself. If you can't imagine it, you can't create it!"

Don't Die with the Music Still in You by Serena & Dr Wayne Dyer is an absolute must read! I have not wanted to put it down, you know it is good when the entire book is read within a few days!!

Serena Dyer talks about growing up with Spiritual parents and all that their positivity and different perspective on the world help shaped who she is today. Our thoughts control our lives, think positively and positivity will happen!! The below quote sums up: 

"You have been criticising yourself for years and it hasn't worked. Try approving of yourself and see what happens" Louise Hay. This quote sums up the book, chapter after chapter teaching us to all live in the now, remove fear and scarcity from our lives and enjoy each moment. Worrying never changes the outcome of anything!!

"When we believe we aren't good enough, not worthy of love or acceptance - when we condemn ourselves and wish we were someone else - we weaken our physical bodies. My friend Anita Moorjani (Dying to be Me), learned this first-hand. After years of living a fearful life and feeling inferior, she became so ravaged by cancer that she was ready to give up. Yet she had a near-death experience that turned everything around for her. She did not die; in fact, she found out how to truly live. She was taught so many profound lessons during this experience." Serena Dyer

There are so many parts of the book that I would like to include here, please go buy the book at your earliest convenience.

It is another great work from Dr Wayne Dyer & his daughter that teach us all how to be the best that we can be, every day. Another extract is:

"My Dad (Dr W Dyer) tells this great story from back when he was a practicing psychologist. He had a patient who would come  in every week and spend the entire hour bashing her mother, blaming her for everything that had gone wrong in her life. Around their fourth session, Dad said to the woman, "So basically what you're saying is that all of the decisions you've made in your life - the decisions that have gotten you to where you are now, which is a place you don't like - are your mother's fault". The woman nodded yes and Dad replied, "If your mother is the real source of all of your problems, as you're saying, then bring her in. I'll treat your mother, and you will get better." I love this story because it shows how easy it is to place blame on someone else, when what we really need to do is take responsibility ourselves. I often hear others say things like, "I won't change for anyone" or This is the way I am, take it or leave it." I prefer to spend my time with people who want to evolve, grow, and expand their consciousness - people who are taking responsibility for who they are and their impact on the world. Just like my dad taught me to do. "Serena Dyer

I really recommend reading this book and you will want to tell all your friends! It is a further life changing piece of work and really helps you to think in the 'now', to be positive and not worry about what we cannot change. We will all one day leave our physical bodies, let's enjoy the ride, to the best of our abilities. You really do become what you think about!

Have an amazing month. 

Rating: *****

Love & Light


P.S. BE the BEST Version of YOU!   

**Next months review will be Dying To Be Me by Anita Moorjani

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