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August Aquarius Full Moon Energies

The final Supermoon of 2022 is on Friday 12th August and at its fullest at 02:35am (London, UK),11:35am (Sydney, Australia), and the day before, 11th August at 18:35 (Los Angeles) & 21:35 (New York). The August Full Moon energies are providing a level of clarity for us to concentrate on our truest desires, healing trauma, and manifest things at lightning speed. The energies are magnetic, intense one minute, then euphoric the next, ride the wave of change with ease, our mantra: life is easy. This Moon is asking that your review your diet, eat unprocessed, products from the earth, hydrate constantly, exercise and apply healing practices with a passionate energy, to heighten your positive vibes and that of the world.

It is an extraordinary period of ascension with varying symptoms showing up for us individually. Our DNA is improving and we are upleveling and allowing our psychic and intuitive abilities to expand. You know that if you firmly believe that you should not go and do something, attend a certain event, or permit a certain person into your life, that it is your intuition guiding you. Listen to your inner GPS, stand in your power and open your heart.

The ego lessons are decreasing as we heal but will not go away until we work through past trauma, bad habits and our limiting beliefs that are holding us back from living our best lives. Drama needs to be removed, other people's choices are their own. Look after yourself and recognise when and where your perception needs to be transformed. We must take accountability for our actions and express ourselves clearly, so we can come together as one.

The energies are strongly encouraging you be yourself, to show the world who you truly are on the inside. A new level of confidence is available to us so let's make the most of these energy shifts and step into our light. This is helped by the positive traits of Aquarians, self-reliant, optimistic, active and exceptional beings. We are all magnificent and here for a reason, an occasion for you be the real you and all that this involves.

I do not want those still 'sitting on the fence', putting of clearing the emotional, physical and mental blockages from the body to be left behind. I read somewhere recently: Skepticism is a great way to protect yourself from disappointment but excitement is a great way to experience joy, empowerment and your magic! We cannot make someone else work on their healing, only 'plant the seeds' and keep watering it, until 'it grows'. Know it is your job to heal YOU and pray that those you love will join you. We are creating a new earth, there will be natural changes to the form of the physical world, with earthquakes, land movement and 'disasters', within collectives that are highly negative, violent, aggressive and damaging to other humans.

It is up to us to work on maintaining a high vibe, clearing our blockages and installing firm daily practices that help ourselves. Then the frequency that we vibrate at will assist others and humanity as a whole.

Performing a Ritual, no matter how small, greatly helps maintain your energetic field, your balance going forwards, when combined with healing practices. A suggested ritual is here, the main thing being to write down, burn and release all everything that needs releasing now. It truly is time for the past to be left in the past, so you can easily move forwards and shine. Please don't put of your healing any longer, you matter and as you heal, those around you benefit to. The energies are super powerful and upgrading the frequency you emit daily cannot help but improve those in your life. To prepare for the ritual, take a salt bath or apply liberally in the shower, Epsom salts, Himalayan salts, whichever you prefer and add in your favourite oils. Recharging, restoring and programming the energy of your crystal collection is a positive step too.

If you want help, we can delve into your Past Lives, with a regression session; or replace the lost parts of your soul with a Soul Retrieval Journey; set up weekly Quantum Healing Reiki Energy Treatments sessions, in-person or via Zoom; I can teach you Reiki (all levels available) to self-practice daily at home or perform an Energetic House Cleanse to clear your environment, reset the energies, and establish a new path for all within the property. It is time NOW, please heed the call, listen to your inner voice and develop a life of ease, laughter and NO stress. The old negative ways of society need to be removed so that the younger generations can learn stress, worry and fear do not need to be a part of each and every day. Protection rituals, grounding your energies and putting boundaries in place are super important



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