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Reiki & Shamanism

Updated: Feb 5, 2021

Reiki has its roots in shamanism and marrying the two modalities allows us to provide a whole new way of bringing healing, harmony and balance to the Earth and all who reside on it (people, animals and nature as a whole). When treating clients I 'see' in my minds eye the energetic body and areas light or dark within the body that need attention. The greater we 'tune in' to all that is within and around us, the stronger our connection to the earth, sky and our guides. Working with the lower, middle and upper worlds is the foundation of Shamanism. When I do shamanic journeying, such as soul retrieval drumming ceremonies, I enter the lower world to replace the space left by trauma, anaesthetic, extreme stress at birth or endured throughout life. Reiki with Sound Healing and Drum journeying activates the brains theta waves, allowing a deeper state of ESP and the beginning of psychokinesis.

Reiki is a form of shamanism and Dr Usui, the founder of Reiki, was a shaman and its history is said to begin way back in 300 BC, he rediscovered it's power and reignited the use of it. I have consistently 'seen' the energetic form and through shamanic journeying this has evolved and expanded. We are incredible beings and you can learn to develop your way of living on and seeing the world. Your energy body is your medicine wheel and your physical body is a mystical empowered 'casing' for your souls journey in this lifetime.

The chakras used in Reiki are the regulators in the human body and often the 'starting points' for treatments, as we scan the body for blockages. There are the main seven within the body; Crown (top of the head), Third Eye (brow between your eyes), Throat, Heart, Solar Plexus (above the naval), Sacral (below the naval) and Root (base of the spine) but others that can be developed the more you awaken. As Reiki Practitioners our eighth chakra (the Soul Star - above the crown) is expanded the more we practice and each time we are attuned. The 8th Star Chakra has the potential for deeper insights, divine love, transcendence and stronger spiritual wisdom and connection.

Reiki Master Attunements open up the capacity of the 'super' chakra, as well as the increase in the power of heat within the palms of the hands. As I teach others, I constantly go through a form of the attunement process myself so my Soul Star Chakra is on fire and open to the lower and upper worlds. If you are drawn to learn Reiki, now is an amazing time to begin your journey and lessons are taught via Zoom with distance attunements. With each Reiki Attunement you go through 21 days (on average) of healing, which is a superb tool for your personal growth. Combining all the modalities of reiki, sound healing / drumming, crystals and shamanic practices is empowering, enlightening and a wonderful natural method of healing.

Shamanism is evolving as more people in the west are embodying its practices. Dance is a big part of the connection and exercises in the shamanic world. The earth's compass is used in the rituals, to focus and strengthen your abilities. Their descriptions:

  • South - Earth, finding your presence

  • East - Fire, giving space for expression

  • West - Water, releasing and letting the waters wash through you

  • North - Air, opening to receive new information

  • The Centre - Ether, making space to digest and rest in the echo

Shamanism and Reiki are very much about removing the ego and knowing you can do anything you set your mind too, you can heal from within and cleanse your soul of the past blockages that have been holding you back. Releasing the karma of the past is life altering, as I have recently discovered when becoming a Certified Past Life Regression Therapist and undergoing regression myself.

"A good vision for the future is an excellent instruction manual for the present" - Ya'Acov Darling Khan.

Moving forwards is about knowing what we want to create, what we truly want in our heart and believing it is possible. We are able to rewrite the past experienced by our ancestors and ourselves in past lives and thrive with journeying. A wonderful tool for your growth journey is the soul retrieval journeying to reclaim your inner power and strength in this lifetime.

The mantra for letting go of the errors of the past: The chain of suffering ends with me.

Using Reiki and Shamanism to frequently clear the energy blockages within your body, mind and soul aids all areas of your life. In relationships it has been said many times that to be in a good relationship with another you need to be in a good one with yourself but also that relationship can teach how to be in a good relationship with yourself. People 'push our buttons' to awaken what we need to heal from within. Being clear of your boundaries and staying aware of your own soul as you expand your awareness permits you to open to stronger one-to-one relationships. I love this quote by shaman Ya'Acov Darling Khan "If life is a school then relationships are the university".

Accepting uncertainty is key to a shamanic way of living too and this is something I always refer to in life when what seems 'overwhelming' appears. I have been living with extreme uncertainty since last September but there have been so many lessons showing up that I am truly grateful for the discombobulation and all the miracles that continue to materialise. When looking to work with shamanic souls trust your interoceptions and investigate how they treat the other people in their world, always a great sign of how real, true and magnificent a person they are.

Do email with any questions, to learn more or to book a treatment, journey or one of my courses. Now is the perfect time for awakening further and expanding your view of the world. Have a stunning few days.



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