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April New Moon Energy Update

Updated: Apr 8, 2021

We have a magnificent month of energy resetting with the New and Full Moons (another Supermoon on 26th) April, it is exciting that the universal energies are providing such great opportunities for us at this time. The next New Moon is in Aries on 11th and 12th April (depending where you are in the world) and the powerful shift in energies is opening up a significant doorway for wonderful new beginnings. It will be on Monday 12th at 3.30am UK Time (BST) and 12.31pm (AEST) and on Sunday 11th at 7.30pm (PDT) and 10.30pm (EST). The stunning energies provide powerhouse changes and genius ideas and reflections as most of the personal planets move into the first sign of Aries.

The planets are then moving direct until 27th April (after the Full Moon) when Pluto moves retrograde. This will mean that finally the changes are going to pick up speed but we must ensure we do not make big decisions too quickly to avoid mistakes. Calling on our intuition and listening to your heart, over your head, is the guidance. It will be a great practice period to enhance your intuitive skills and although things will feel temperamental, as long as you continuously remain grounded and open your heart then you will be fabulous.

We are all going to feel the shift in energies, for some up to 3 to 7 days before and afterwards, it often depends if you are more in sync with the New or Full Moon, just be aware (keep a record) of how you react. Be conscious of how you feel in the build up to each of them then you can better prepare when they occur. When you feel yourself overreacting to situations, events or others then you need to look deeper into why you are triggered by an others behaviour and heal the past issues so you can move forwards.

This moon phase is perfect for a spring clean/review of your food habits, so that you can strengthen your vitality by managing your sugar consumption, as it shuts down your longevity gene and the body goes into 'repair' rather than energising and revitalising you. It is very much like negative thinking, is serves only to cause damage in the long term! Food is our bodies fuel and for the vessel of our soul to perform at it's optimum levels we need to improve what we do. One great book is Grow A New Body by Alberto Villoldo, it is amazing, we regenerate our cells and bodies, as a whole, frequently when we care for them.

Emotionally, anger may surface during this moon cycle so it is important to fully realise in your heart that you are responsible for your own happiness, remove all 'blame' towards others so that you can flourish no matter what. Work through past hurts (if you want help message me) and remember that when you are upset or angry towards another the only person that loses out is you. Anger is a waste of your time and energy and postpones you from living in a state of enjoyment and happiness for the majority of the time. Let's get to work on ourselves once more to ensure we are showing up as the best version of ourselves for our and everyone within our worlds benefit.

Astrologically, the Sun and Moon are at 22 degrees of Aries and Goddess Eris, the goddess of chaos and disruption, is bringing her warrior energy to awaken those who wish to challenge the untruths that have been fed to many this past year. Turn off the news, change how you perceive all that is happening and you can help make a difference in this world for the generations of beautiful souls that are newly born and currently growing up in this world.

Aries is a fiery, go getter sign and one of the four cardinal signs, the planets are lining up to help your personal growth and self-confidence levels. This month is perfect for standing in your power, speaking up for yourself, being assertive and improving your belief in yourself (to truly acquire what you want you must believe it in your heart and remove negative, self deprecating 'but' needs to leave your vocabulary!). Own your truth and live as your authentic self now, before it is too late. If lockdown has taught us anything it is that 'waiting for the right time' does not work. Increase your own ability to believe you can manifest and achieve all you want. Stop holding yourself back and making excuses as to why you are not yet doing what you want. Use the energies to help you reflect on yourself and working out what energetic blocks you hold on to.

I am excited about so many of you widen your knowledge and understanding of all we are experiencing in this lifetime and becoming more spiritual, positive souls that are more aware of your own ability to manifest and guide your life in the direct of your dreams . If you want help to reevaluate your thought processes and cleanse your energies then we can book a Distance Reiki Session with a Zoom Coaching Call first (either 30 or 60 minutes); Spiritual Coaching on its own; one of my Certified Reiki Courses; Soul Retrieval Drumming Journey (for restoring the lost parts of your soul) or a Past Life Regression Session to remove blockages holding you back in this lifetime (20% off for April). In-Person session bookings are open too in East Twickenham at a large community centre/old house that provides the ideal space for us.

Be sure to make time for yourself for rest and relaxation as you workout your next steps. Do complete the New Moon Ritual and begin to prepare for the intense energies of the transformative, abundant and refreshing changes approaching with the Full Moon on 26th April (Blog to follow soon). Enjoy the warrior energies the sign of Aries supplies, it is a phase of celebration and happiness as the world re-opens.

Have an amazing few days.



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Abbreviations explained:

BST - British Summer Time

PDT - Pacific Daylight Time

EST - Eastern Standard Time

AEST - Australian Eastern Standard Time

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