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9:9 Energy Portal of Abundance

Updated: Sep 5, 2023

September is packed with energetic upgrades where additional light is streaming into Mother earth, aiding the healing and expansion of your mind, body and soul. The Equinox, towards the end of the month, is going to be epic, so the more we can do individually to improve ourselves before then is crucial. You were born to light up the world, it is your time to shine.

The next big shift is on Saturday 9th September 2023, when we have the 9:9 Energy Portal of Abundance, opening a gateway of energies, strengthening your abilities to transform. A cosmic alignment of the 9th day and 9th month intertwined to form an energetic doorway into higher realms of consciousness. The intensity of the energies are nothing to fear, it is just highly recommended to embrace the dynamic waves of love, peace and freedom. You are here to aid the evolution of humanity, to rise above the matrix (the old control systems) and carve out a new world for you, your loved ones and, especially, for the young souls learning to live as free sovereign beings. This doorway of energies is coming to assist you in accomplishing absolutely anything your heart truly desires, deserves and was born at this time to achieve.

This is why I have booked the spiritual 'church' for my next In-Person Group Innerdance Kundalini Activation Journey on Saturday 9th 11am-3pm in Richmond, London. A DOUBLE session so we can maximise the absorption of the healing potentials of the 9:9 Portal. An opportunity to experience the divine inner guidance of the universal life force energies within you. Two separate playlists to support the activation of specific brainwave patterns that stimulate a waking dream-like state of lucid consciousness and self-understanding that is magnificent.

All you have to do for Innerdance Sessions is to surrender your thoughts, feelings and emotions as you enter, to open yourself up to 'hear' your inner voice. A magnification of your inner knowing to cleanse, clear and heal yourself. I am the conductor of the music and energies, you create the orchestra of personal healing, oneness and remodelling of yourself to live in greater peace, abundance and happiness. Each session provides a deeper connection to source energies, a cathartic experience of deep insights, relaxation, and knowing of your next steps to upgrade your life journey. Continued exposure creates a profound rewiring of the brain structure and central nervous system so every day is easier, more enjoyable and without stress, worry or fear.

Your room is your body and mind, does your room need reorganising? Innerdance = the inner re-design of YOU, building our levels of personal strength, courage and understanding of self, beyond anything you could have previously imagined. I, personally, have reached a level of nirvana that exists daily with my thoughts, feeling and reactions to life. My blog about Innerdance Kundalini Activations is HERE. Your soul essence is your inner treasure, your blessings, gifts and source of power, connecting into it daily upgrades you, your world and those around.

The 9:9 Portal requires an openness to change, to again work on releasing the ego and living in the NOW, the present moment. A weekend to let go of density, to vibe higher so that

the higher we vibe, the greater the shifts. A Stargate portal of cosmic energies into different dimensions, activating your latent DNA to function at it's optimal levels. The power to heal and transform is already within you, overthinking needs to be removed and replace with an altered perception of joy, bliss and laughter. The energies will bring us into greater union with each other, coming together as an awakened collective is happening!

This week supplies us with irresistible ways to prepare, rebalance and upgrade before the new Moon Intention setting day on Friday September 15th. I would love to aid your journey either online or in-person with energy healing. Spaces available for my event on 9:9 Portal Day = Richmond In-Person Group Innerdance and please feel free to message me with any questions or to book Private Sessions Online or In-Person.



+44 (0)7949089265

Online + In-Person Kundalini Activations

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