Certified Usui Reiki I, II & Master/Teacher Level Online Courses

Learn how to become a Certified Traditional Usui Reiki Practitioner & Instructor. Train at your own speed, receive ongoing support, lifetime access to the materials & the Facebook Community Group & help others to be the best version of themselves whilst all the while healing yourself. ​​FREE Distance attunements included or can be arranged in-person for an additional £55 in Richmond Upon Thames.

What is Reiki

Reiki is a natural and safe method of energy medicine, spiritual healing and self-improvement. Transform your Life with Reiki, a universal life force energy used throughout the world to heal internal emotional, physical & energetic imbalances within us. These online courses allow you to study at your own pace, with distance attunements on a time & date to suit you.


They are also good if you would like a refresher course, after years of not practicing. Reiki is not limited by time & space & we all have Reiki energy within us. Like radio waves, the Attunements activate & 'wake it up' within us plus the symbols, study, practice &, in time, experience. All levels include free Distance Attunements, arranged at a time to suit you. Once you have completed all three modules & received the distance attunements, you will be able to begin charging clients for treatments. Prices vary dependent on where you live & your level of practice & experience but this means the full course will be paid for very fast and, should you wish, you can set up your very own Reiki Practice. ​

Mastering Reiki is a lifelong journey, we all grow from the experiences we have each time we perform self healing or a session for an other, we benefit as we heal & cleanse our chakras regularly. Reiki Level I makes up 30%, Level II 30%, Master & Teacher Level 30% & the remaining 10% is practice, practice, practice! We all learn Reiki at the right time & when we are most drawn to it. Enjoy building your Reiki knowledge & skills. Call +44 (0) 208 892 4627 or email emma@handserenity.com with any questions. 

Certified at each level with full access to the Course materials, the Presentations, Videos & BONUS resources will be provided via email on purchase.  Good Luck with your Reiki Journey & email emma@handserenity.com with any questions. Payment is Secure via Paypal with the option for Debit & Credit Card Payments.  


Step One on your Reiki Journey, discover the history of Reiki & develop your skills so you can perform self-reiki sessions.


Reiki is an amazing energy healing modality that once you are attuned to each level, stays with you for life.


Reiki Level I covers the History of Traditional Usui Reiki; How Reiki works; the Attunements; Performing Self-Treatments; How you can use Reiki to enhance your daily life & that of those around you. Level I is a practitioners initiation into Reiki and is open to everyone, we all have Reiki energy within us, it just needs to be 'woken up' with the attunements and symbols.


  •  An Introduction to Reiki

  • The History of Traditional Usui Reiki

  • Usui Ryoho Reiki Lineage

  • Life Habits

  • How Reiki Works

  • Chakras

  • The Five Reiki Principles

  • Preparing for Reiki Level I

  • The Attunements

  • Overview of Biology of the Body

  • Reiki Self-Treatment

  • How Reiki Helps You

  • Other Uses of Reiki in Daily Life

  • Reiki & Palliative Care, Pregnancy & Children    

Reiki Level I Online Course

Online Reiki Level I Course

£99.00Regular Price£69.00Sale Price

"The touch of Reiki dissipates anger, soothes worries & inspires us to do our best." Emma

Distance Attunements are included with the online courses for FREE and are as strong as face-to-face attunements, as Reiki is not limited by time & space. However in-person attunements can be organised in Richmond Upon Thames, at an additional cost of £55, should that be your preference.

In-Person Reiki Energy Healing Attunements

Online Course In-Person Attunement


Reiki Level II Online Course

This module will give you a great understanding of Reiki & how to prepare your Reiki Space. Covering the methods of how to perform Distance Reiki; How Reiki can be used to empower your goals & solve problems & How to combine Reiki with other Healing Disciplines. Distance Attunements are applied with each module. Delve deeper in to the meaning, uses & ways to work with, Reiki.


If you purchase all 3 courses then all the attunements can be done at Level I, meaning your Reiki journey, knowledge growth & practice will be with the strongest Reiki energy & symbols. See the more detailed Course Content Overview for more details.

  • An Introduction to Reiki Level II

  • Preparing to Treat Others with Reiki 

  • Creating Your Reiki Room 

  • The Reiki Session  

  • The 3 Pillars of Reiki

  • The Sacred Reiki Symbols

  • Distance Reiki Healing

  • Animal Reiki

  • Non Traditional Reiki Symbols 

  • Working with Reiki Level II 

  • Combining Reiki with Other Healing Disciplines

  • Daily Positive Affirmations

  • Final Thoughts 

Online Reiki Level II Course

£125.00Regular Price£87.50Sale Price

The third & final module before you embark on your lifetime journey with Reiki. Reiki Master & Teacher Level covers the Traditional Usui Master Symbol; Non-Traditional Symbols; Attunement Ceremonies; Distance Attunements; Performing Reiki on Others & Advanced Reiki Techniques. Once completed your learning will continue through life as you perform & further work with this amazing energy healing. 

Reiki Master & Teacher Level Online Course

  • An Introduction to Reiki Master Level

  • Reiki & Symbology 

  • The Traditional Usui Master Symbol

  • How to Draw the DKM 

  • Using the DKM

  • Non-Traditional Usui Reiki Symbols 

  • The Reiki Attunement Ceremony

  • Preparing for the Reiki Attunement Ceremony

  • Attunement Methods 

  • Alternative Methods for Performing Attunements   

  • Reiki Distance Attunements

  • Advanced Reiki Techniques

  • Final Thoughts 

Online Reiki Master Level Course

£150.00Regular Price£120.00Sale Price

Here you can purchase all 3 levels together, highly recommended as it is the best price and all attunements are received at Level I, allowing your learning journey to be with the highest Reiki energy throughout. The courses enable you to fully qualify & apply Reiki to your daily life whilst treating others & massively assisting them on their life path to better deal with the stresses of daily events & to achieve their own life purposes.

Full details of each module of the course can be found below. On completion of the transaction access to all the Manuals, Presentations & Bonus Materials will be provided. Includes FREE Distance Attunements or In-Person Attunements can be arranged in Richmond Upon Thames for an additional £55, see payment link below. 

Reiki I, II & Master Level Online Courses

"Reiki is a powerful tool for transforming your life and creating a deeper sense of calm, even at difficult times" Emma

Online Reiki Level I, II & Master Level

£295.00Regular Price£191.75Sale Price

Hello! I am an empath, intuitive & natural caretaker of others & love helping people become the best version of themselves & to follow their life purpose. I created this course to assist the spread of Reiki worldwide, so that we can all live more mindful, peaceful lives. I have been on a spiritual path for 20+ years, it began with crystals and crystal healing, I am a Certified Usui, Crystal & Animal Reiki Master & Teacher & Angel Tarot Reader with diplomas in Psychology, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy & Nutrition.


I am a member of the Reiki Healing Association & The International Practitioners of Holistic Medicine (IPHM). Being on a spiritual path has really changed my life, my outlook, my health and my view of the world. Especially through the Reiki energy, practicing daily on oneself is so amazing, healing and insightful and definitely aids personal growth. I would love to help you improve your life!

Emma Hands IPHM, Usui, Crystal, Animal & Kundalini Reiki Master / Teacher.  

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