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Children's Quantum Reiki Healing + Coaching

Children's Quantum Reiki Healing + Coaching

PriceFrom £170.00

Are you, or your children, empaths looking for guidance on how to understand all you/they see, sense and feel? Have you/they always left different, overwhelmed in certain situations, and need advise on how to manage your/their energy field and to help those around you? ​


Reiki removes the negative energy blockages within the body and when combined with Coaching then the results are amazing. It is super beneficial to work on the mindset and thought processes outside of the sessions for long term healing. Coaching can be In-Person or via Zoom (prior to Distance Transmissions). Coaching helps to adjust what has been previously taught, of how to view the world, others and ourselves, helps to improve perception and have more fun, no matter is going on. Drop me an email with any questiion 

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