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Your Spirit Animal

In Numerology, 2018 is a '11' Universal Year - 2 + 0 + 1 + 8 = 11, super exciting as it will be a year of heightened intuition, psychic connection and manifestation for many of us. We are absolutely on the path to create a healthier, happier and more abundant life. Abundance can mean the friendships, romance, career, family life, what ever we desire , it does only relate to money. The more daily commitment we can apply, visualisation work and tools that we can discover, to help us on this journey, the greater the manifestations and healing we go through. 

Our Spirit animals are another form of our spirit guide, like our guardian angels. Opening ourselves up to their presence strengthens our spiritual practice. Look for signs and synchronicities and pay particular attention to messages you receive via your dreams. One way to recognise them through dreaming, is to visualise (in your minds eye) people &/or situations the animal may represent. Ask yourself how they make you feel before going to sleep or if you awaken in the night.

Some dream symbology research can help too, if you already frequently see certain animals or they start appearing going forwards. I always recommend keeping a dream journal by your bed. Many people work with just one spirit animal but it is possible to call on certain ones when we seek their assistance, as with the Archangels.

Spiritual guides tend to present themselves to us in the form we most relate too. Examples of Spirit Animals include, Bear, Horse, Snake, Lion, Owl, Eagle, Whale, Dolphin, Raven, Fox, Dragonfly, Wolf, Walrus, Badger, Peacock, Tiger, Deer, Dragon.

My Spirit Animal is the Dragon, one of the most powerful totem animals around. Dragons are linked to all four of the elements, fire, water, earth and wind and often show up when we need to reawaken the fire in our souls. I literally watched a programme about Sea Dragon's last night, definitely a wake up call! Personality traits of those with a dragon as there guide: strength, courage, raw power, tempestuous but avoids conflict. Anger is infrequent but woe betide anyone that is a bully & ignores the warning signs. Feng Shui properties of the Dragon includes fortune, authority, growth, luck and development.

Everything is energy and we are connected to the animals, earth and sky and it can aid your spiritual journey to discover your sprit animal by following your intuition, dreams, signs or by using one of the many websites that ask a series of information to ascertain your specific guide.

Do let me know your discoveries and either comment below or email 




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