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Your Intuition Is Your Superpower

Learning how to differentiate between your logical mind and your inner voice is your superpower. Mastering the art of working with, and listening to, your intuition is one of the biggest gifts you can give yourself. We are in a grand initiation with the ascension process, and are here to learn to work in a stronger way with our gut instinct, our inner belief system. It is the most powerful way to work with the energies, with your inner truth.

Our intuition is like a muscle, it needs exercising and using daily, in order to develop greater insight, understanding and the ability to use it all the time. Throw out the logical mind, the negative news that is pumped out to us, so that you do not permit the 3D Matrix to bully you. Often sensitivity is a sign that our inner guidance is strong and is a message for us that we are very intuitive.

I failed to listen to a very strong intuitive feeling with very destructive consequences, back in October 2021. Subsequently enduring a car crash, where dark spirits tried to cross me over because I help too many others, and having to fix a brain bleed myself – strengthening my belief in my abilities to heal myself and others. I had a visualisation of the crash 2.5 days before hand, knew I should not have got in the car but ignored my inner voice. So many lessons showed up which I am very thankful for. I have made a promise to myself to listen more strongly and recognise the meaning of MY intuitive thoughts and I want to help as many of you do the same.

Intuition literally means learning from within and using our inner voice of guidance. The Dictionary says: 'the ability to understand something instinctively, without the need for conscious reasoning.' Overthinking is one of our biggest errors and we are currently experiencing super potent energies to aid our further transformation. I think we previously failed to hear ourselves when we were stressed, vulnerable or thrown of course in a big way. Tune in and trust all you think, feel, and sense, your intuition is your internal GPS system and needs work to improve our recognition of it. We no longer use paper maps to navigate when travelling, so why are we still living by our old thought patterns and ideas, it is time for an upgrade!

It does take practice but trusting your gut feeling, over your ego and negative voices, brings more joy, contentment and fun into your world. Albert Einstein famously said ‘you know the truth by the way it feels,’ and that truth is your intuition. Living with far less fear and worry is our goal, we are not meant to be stressed, anxious and only really enjoying the occasional events. Like Reiki, we are all born with it, we just need to tune in and explore our intuitions amazing abilities.

We have all heard the voice saying ‘I knew that was going to happen’ and it is time to allow the divine voice within you to guide you frequently. It gives us the ability to ‘check in’ and make sure we are truly happy with any decisions we make, big or small. I want all of us to come away with a new sense of purpose, of invigoration and determination to succeed.

Practice Ideas:


“Do you abuse myself with negative thoughts throughout the day?”

“Am I able to throw out the crap so I can thrive?”

“Am I making choices out of fear, based on external pressures?”

“Is this the best decision for me?”

“How committed am I to my freedom levels”

Make some lists:

Name x 3 times when you ignored your intuition: missed opportunities or when you got stuck in a bad situation or relationship, even though you knew in your heart it was wrong.

Name x 3 times when you listen to your intuition and achieved success… list everything that comes to mind and go back and review/add to the list

Keeping a journal (even mentally) of when following yourself lead to positive results. It can help you to identify your progress, where you have slipped up and what you need to do to move forwards


Find ways to bring yourself back into balance, such as cleansing your energies with self-reiki, ensure your vibrating as your highest self.

Take a deep breath, continue this at least 3 times, and breath out for longer, clearing your lungs, then perform a protection ritual

Imagine roots going down into the earth, a swirl of energy to clear your field and protection practices to ensure you are impenetrable. I start my day by activating my Merkaba, aligning my antenna, my crystalline core, and allowing my intuition of be the focus of my day.

Taking daily cold showers, allowing the gateway of truth to flow through you, is another way to heighten your psychic, intuitive abilities.

Joan of Angels says “Intuition is your S.H.I.T detector – see/sense; hear/honour; intuit/interpret/initiate and translate/transform” – a perfect description!

Learning to become your antenna of truth, love and divine guidance is going to allow you to thrive more easily and with more joy. The ability to communicate no verbally, not logically but with your feelings, the trust and belief in what you should do next. Intuition is a knowing without knowing, a way to know without words or verbal communication, a feeling of what we should do, how we should act and the next steps to take, to get where we want to go.

Often your intuition will tell you the opposite of what the ‘science’, the external environments or your logical mind are telling you. Remember to have confidence in YOU, differentiate fact from fiction and allow yourself to detect who is here to help, who has your best interests at heart, and to be the miracles beside you. The more personal healing you do, ridding yourself of negative energy blocks the quicker the results.

Our gifts of clairsentience, clairvoyance, clairaudience, claircognizance, our inner knowing, sensing into the future, help us to understand the messages on offer to us. Without using these abilities, you are failing to act with your super conscious self, let’s change that! Dial up your intuitive self, visualise the connection being made, where you have slipped up and what you need to do to move forwards. Delving into your past life’s can help you believe in your path; all you can achieve and what is next for you.

"I let go of anything that tries to block by inner knowing from being the strength that takes me through my day"

How do you see your intuition? This can be visually, images in your mind’s eye or actual visions; auditory, sounds, hearing or smell, knowing things based on subtle often non-physical smell or taste; Empathy, feeling/knowing the emotions of others; Kinaesthetic, physical body feelings, receiving information in the body; Environmental – receiving intuitive info from the world around you – messages on adverts or particular things appearing.

**Some people wear strong scents to hide their dodgy energies, their ‘bad smell’

Activating your pineal gland and intuitive abilities takes time but is so worth it. You have your own personal inner portal, from your crown chakra that you can visualise opening, pulling down the energies into your soul’s vessel, to activate your senses. This can be visualised as an antenna that goes up to the heavens and pulls down celestial light increasing your crystalline magic and awakening your senses to a new level. Activating your antenna increases your ability to make the right decision for you at this time, it allows you to feel with your heart your next move, permitting you to act accordingly. This happens once you trust that you have differentiated between your inner voice and your logical mind.

Open your channels for receiving, open your crown chakra and dial up your intuitive self and visualise the connection being made. If you are non-visual then you can imagine opening the ‘curtain’ over your crown chakra with your right hand and pulling it open and see yourself walking through the portal to the other side. Another example is imagine picking up an old-fashioned phone and dialling up your intuitive self and see the connection.

There are many ways our guides communicate with us and this can be in the form of:

· Repeating, often repetitive, numbers - Kyle Gray’s Angel Numbers book is a great resource to understand the messages your guides are trying to convey to you

· Car number plates or phone numbers or street signs

· Music and words within the song

· Dreams, your subconscious mind

· Coincidences, synchronicities, such as people calling & you knew they would

There are many ways to further heightening your intuition, here are some more ideas:

· Take time for solitude, a walk, run or meditation, allowing yourself quiet time, so you can tune into your inner most thoughts.

· Write down your intentions for as far as you want to visualise

· Wake up and be guided by what you want to do

· Consciously remove bad habits from your thinking; remove the moaning about what is ‘wrong’, live in gratitude and the universe will provide the answers

· Intentionally detach bad vibrations from your energy field; there is a lot of assistance on my blogs about protection. Trust your gut, when something feels off, it often is!

· Recognise the part your ego plays; when you feel excited or agitated by the inner guidance, question whether it is your ego or true intuition.

· Daily learn from your visualisations and subconscious feelings and the clarity and clearness the right decisions bring, over the cloudy alternatives that can surface

· Acknowledge + work with your intuitive thoughts that provide a racing heart, spine shivers or even goose bumps, positive vibes that the thoughts are the right thing to do for you and those close to you

· Learn to focus on when things do feel right and change your path accordingly.

· Work on healing your gut, your stomach is your ‘second brain’ + full of neurons that cause every cell to hear your thoughts, feelings and actions

· Do not give up at the first hurdle, the more you work with our intuition the easier it is to remove negative emotions and make great choices, not those made when angry, depressed or 'out of sorts'

Over time, the more you do the right thing then the stronger your intuition becomes. Common sense will always play a large part in our lives, use yours often! Be sure to protect yourself and laugh lots. If you have failed to listen to your intuition in the past and have stored negative, destructive thoughts within then, this can lead to being overweight, suffering with IBS, or many dis-eases. Disease = 99% emotionally based and the root cause needs to be identified to heal the issues. Reiki Energy Healing is fantastic at bringing to the surface all that you need to work on, healing your physical, emotional and mental self. '

Life is not meant to be the leftover scraps of evenings and weekends'

Listen to your intuition and good things will begin to happen. As with so much of life it takes practice, practice, practice! True guidance from our intuition is when we recognise a sense of calmness, clarity and joy from our thoughts, decisions and actions, a sense of 'knowing' and a level of confidence that can aid us in achieving our goals and dreams.

You are alive at this time to activate your super powers, your super consciousness and aid the transformation of how we all live daily. Learn to turn off the lies and trust yourself on a whole new level. Trusting and believing you are getting the right messages from YOURSELF so that you can be authentically YOU. Open yourself up to hear, see and sense the guidance for your success and don’t be afraid to speak your truth. You are a diamond crystalline being. Going to sleep grateful and on waking correcting (if you are feeling off) your mindset to one of “I have got this, today my life changes/improves”.



Part 2: Understanding Your Gifts will be LIVE early in January or you can watch the Intuition 3 Day Challenge Videos here: Handserenity YouTube or TikTok


I ask that today I am able to perceive accurate, clear knowing, to filter the fact from fiction

I am open to receive guidance

I let go of anything that tries to block by inner knowing from being the strength that takes me through my day

I easily hear the voice of my intuition

I easily understand the messages I see

Thank you for the wisdom you are sharing with me

Thank you for sending me clear guidance in the form of……….

I love my intuition

My intuition is accurate

My intuition easily hears, listens and acts on what I receive

I get downloads that help me in all aspects of my life

I am an intuitive warrior

I am doing what I came here to do

I choose to trust all that is coming up

My decisions are in line with my higher self

I am open to receive the messages from spirit

My self-esteem is high

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