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Why We See Repeated Numbers

We are seeing / becoming more aware of repeated numbers and signs, these are key messages from our Spirit Guides, Guardian Angels and the Universe. The synchronicities of frequent sightings occur to guide us on the right path, with questions we may have and life goals we are manifesting. Often we see double figures, such as 11:11, 22:22 or any combination. It all depends on the message they are wanting you to get! I have included some below but do google your most frequent observations so you can learn, action and realise your wildest dreams and desires.

Many people throughout the world are 'waking up' and going through a massive spiritual enlightenment, a brand new level of awareness, beyond anything we have experienced before! It is an incredibly exciting time and scary too, because often those you care about the most don't want to listen / learn / grow and you have to learn new levels of attachment so as to preserve your own sanity, growth and new understanding of living on this physical plane. We can help educate those that are willing and ready to change their thought processes, move out of the 'victim' mentality and discover new ways of thinking, feeling and living.

Sightings help us navigate the mind field that we call life and often we find the repeated numbers show up in the most obvious & the most bizarre of places, from clocks to phone numbers, random number sequences, car number plates, the price of items, anywhere basically!!! We also sight birds, butterflies, feathers, any animals that can also be offering us symbolism that is appearing to get our attention and give us direction.

When we notice a repeating number sequence or symbol, we must intuitively listen to our angel’s guidance, which will come through our thoughts, visions and feelings, as we open up. Our angels are calling our attention & the more we observe their presence, the more frequently they will appear, the universe loves providing direction, allowing us to live not in our ego but by following our own inner road map, our intuition.

I often see one magpie which I previously thought was 'bad luck' because of superstition but actually it is a reminder that material things do not matter. It is a sign to re-evaluate my priorities and in order to truly nurture my spiritual path, then I must continue to follow my calling, my dharma, to be fulfilled in life. Opportunities are here, it is time to take greater action, to take more risks, to expand my goals & dream even bigger! 

Google is a fabulous tool to assist us, ask 'what does angel number .... mean?' or 'the animal then........ symbolism' and follow the messages. We really can achieve beyond our wildest dreams. My favourite Angel Numbers at the moment are 11, 22 & 26. 

11 is the Master number and the main messages are spiritual awakening and enlightenment, learn to live by your intuition, to 'awake up' and guide others to join you! Create, inspire and teach others all that you learn on this journey of healing, abundance and manifesting.

12 (personally popular, along with 22) - Angelic meaning of this number is that good things are on the way and it is a time of positive, new changes, just trust in the Universe! Seeing this number often is a sign of growth and success, new beginnings and stepping outside your comfort zone by setting your sights higher. Achieve an optimistic life approach by working on our positive mindset, releasing old habits and taking action to realise our goals and increasing confidence.

22 - A very powerful, master number and a sign you are learning to be very in touch with your highest spiritual powers and to share your knowledge with the world. A reminder to bring yourself back into balance constantly, throw out the doubt and look after yourself and others. Stand up, stand strong, believe in you and go manifest your dreams.

We can take control of our destiny and become the CEO of our own lives TODAY. We have allowed old habits & thought patterns and traditions to define us for too long.  A great example (& a huge bugbear of mine!) is allowing pharmaceutical companies to control our health, our doctors & our perception of our ability to have health, wellbeing & longevity in this world for to long. There was another case on the news this week, where a manufacture fought, then agreed a price with the NHS for a life saving drug. Really? They wanted to massively over charge!! The fact that so many accept this as a way to live is beyond unbelievable. We are worth more than this, you really can heal your mind, body & soul yourself!

Have an amazing weekend and do let me know of any significant sightings and recurrences in your worlds. 




(Updated 28.02.2019)

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