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Chakras & Emotions

One of the main areas to investigate for internal balance is our Chakra points which, when balanced, have a strong and positive effect on our ability to function well, thrive in life, and enjoy even the little things we experience daily. The word Chakra is derived from the Sanskrit word meaning 'wheel' and literally translated means 'wheel of spinning energy'.

Disease is often created when unforgiveness, anger and resentment are stored within us, causing imbalances and blockages in our immune system. Habitually we were taught that the only 'cure' from illness is with conventional medicine, plus diet and exercise, but it is vital to discover the root cause, the emotional issues that we have experienced to fully heal and maintain our health and wellbeing. Discovering what we are holding on to, what thought processes and bad habits we have acquired, and what needs to be dealt with, then released and learnt from is so very important for long-term healing.

Balancing our Chakras is the foundation of Reiki Energy Treatments, realigning them regularly has a strong and positive effect on our physical, emotional and mental wellbeing. Reiki Energy increases the function of our bodies immune system, brings to the surface emotions that need to be dealt with, and therefore increases our overall ability to live healthy and happy lives.

Chakra - Crown / Sahasrara - I understand - located at the top of the head - supplies energy to the upper brain, pineal glands & right eye.

Connected to: Spirituality, enlightenment and universal consciousness.

Balanced Emotions: Joy, happy with self, connected to higher realms

Unbalanced Emotions - Cynical, craving attention, closed minded, disregarding of self and others and feelings of being misunderstood.

Chakra - Third Eye / Ajna - I see - in the middle of the forehead - supplies the energy to the central nervous system, left eye, nose, ears, lower brain, spine and pituitary gland.

Connected to: Intuition, imagination, Extra Sensory Perception.

Balanced Emotions: Awareness, foresight.

Unbalanced Emotions: Lack of direction, feeling lost, over worrying, easily influenced and experiencing confusion with self.

Chakra - Throat / Vishuddha - I speak - supplies energy to the throat, thyroid gland, upper lungs, arms and digestive tract.

Balanced Emotions: Able to communicate clearly, express oneself with authenticity, listen, speak and write.

Unbalanced Emotions: Shy, withdrawn, arrogant and suffering from increased anxiety

The Crown, Third Eye & Throat Chakra's are feminine in nature and aid self-reflection and the spiritual aspects of our lives.

Chakra - Heart / Anahata - I love - in the centre of the chest - supplies energy to the liver, lungs, thymus gland, heart and the circulation system.

Connected to: Love, compassion and openness.

Balanced Emotions: Self-love, trust, balanced / confident, forgiveness.

Unbalanced Emotions: Depression, poor self-discipline, difficult relationships and when overactive: feel entitles, jealous and blame others constantly.

The Heart Chakra has both masculine & feminine energies and is great for using to help the balancing of the other chakras.

Chakra - Solar Plexus / Manipura - I do - located in the upper abdomen - supplies energy to the gall bladder, liver, digestion, pancreas, stomach and emotions. It represents the centre of the body and where food is assimilated, turned into energy and distributed throughout the body.

Connected to: Personal power, wisdom and purpose.

Balanced Emotions: Social identity, happiness, peaceful and metabolism functioning well.

Unbalanced Emotions: Low self-esteem, control issues, manipulative and misuse of power.

*Trauma affects the correct functioning of this chakra too, which can lead to eating disorders, digestion problems, criticism towards themselves and others, and a constant striving for perfection.

Chakra - Sacral / Svadhisthana - I feel - just above the naval - supplies energy to the legs, glands and reproductive organs.

Connected to: Emotional stability, sexuality and relationships.

Balanced Emotions: Self-worth, empathetic and creative.

Unbalanced Emotions: Emotional isolation, repressed creativity, sexual dysfunction

and too much concern for what others think.

Chakra - Root / Muladhara - I AM - base of spine - supplies energy for the suprarenal glands, spine, kidneys and bladder. Associated with: life, birth, creation and physical vitality.

Connected to: Survival, security and grounding.

Balanced Emotions: Ability to manifest and feeling safe.

Unbalanced Emotions: Anxious, fearful, frustrated and insecure. When overactive: big ego, violent and bossy.

In Reiki, the root chakra is often used in combination with other chakras to ground, balance and heal emotional imbalances.

The Root, Sacral & Solar Plexus Chakra's are masculine in nature and are referred to as the 'calls to action', a phrase most often used in marketing but describes their functionality perfectly.

The above is not an exhaustive list of emotions associated with each chakra, there is always more research and understanding happening in the world. Daily self-Reiki definitely helps to better manage our feelings and how we react each day. I can teach you how to do it in a day, or one or two Reiki Treatments a month are extremely beneficial.  

To discover which foods aid with the further restoring of balance to each chakra then see my previous blog: Foods for Chakras.



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