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What You Think, You Become

Updated: Nov 26, 2018

I have come away from a weekend away emotionally exhausted and disappointed for the people I care about... I know I am and will continue to throw out these emotions, as I work to clear my energy, restore my inner calm & forgive. It is so very hard as Empaths to ignore the negative habits of others, as we can so clearly see the destruction they are doing to themselves. Thoughts & feelings whilst away included ones of complete failure in my spiritual teachings, if people refuse to apply the mindful, positive processes that will change their lives then what the hell am I doing? 

I would love to record people for a day and show the very constant negative, moaning, complaining, aggressive speaking that ONLY hurts them, mentally, physically & emotionally. Moaning about every little thing, no positive spin on anything hurts YOUR body, damages YOUR body & YOUR mind, it creates dis-ease & illness. This is compounded by an imbalanced diet that massively affects ones mood, thoughts, feelings & general state of mind. 

What we THINK, what we SPEAK (including about others & everything) & what we consume & therefore what we FEEL controls our lives, our ability to stay healthy and definitely the evidence shows, defines our futures. Please be mindful of what you say... trying one whole day a week of NOT moaning about every little thing really will change your world COMPLETELY. If you 'panic' about being poorly or worry about illness occurring, then it WILL. If you believe you cannot do it, then you never will. If you think age defines the ability to do something, then it will.

It is not written in stone anywhere that we have to be down on the world 24/7 in order to live, on the contrary I am excited to see more and more people open to learning new ways to enjoy their time on this physical plane. We all die… let’s have fun each & every day cause it will not last forever. Two article were featured on the internet this week and sums things up very well The Fine Art of Not Being Offended & Sitting Kills, Moving Heals. 

I am so very thankful for my friends, for the unconditional love that many of us show each other every time we meet & the laughter & the fun we create & experience. What is going on out in the world or what didn't go quiet 'right' that week or that day it is not discussed in any great length unless the person really needs to 'off load', it is just ' thrown away' & being HAPPY & enjoying the time together is the ONLY focus. Everything does actually go the way it is supposed too, for a set reason or to teach us something so even negativity can be reviewed and new insights & learning’s discovered. Moaning changes nothing so we concentrate on making each other laugh instead. For us, laughing, smiling & being positive is THE ‘job’ of everyone present because that is the way we choose to be.

Dear Everyone, What you SAY affects your inner health, your inner peace and your ability to ward off dis-ease & remain healthy, happy and constantly growing, learning and enjoying life. Should you choose to conform to the 'norms' that life has to be a certain way, that it is not possible to continue to do 'stuff', that complaining is good for you, then life will happen in that way, preventing you from going to events, functioning as you want to & being relaxed, happy and make the most of each moment. YOU have a choice, full stop.

I choose to live a life of joy, without negative moaning, complaining & negative self talk, I really hope some of you will embrace this way of life too. I have been reminded recently of the many wonderful quotes written by Louise Hay recently, since she crossed over. This is one I must go back to affirming daily: 'Out of this situation only good will come. This is easily resolved to the highest good of all concerned. All is well and I am safe’ Louise Hay.   

I cannot help but worry about others, about the way they choose to spend each day & the damaging and devastating effect it is having on their health, their mental wellbeing and the enjoyment of each day, with themselves and others. No matter our age, we can learn new ways to think, feel & behave; we just have to WANT to make that change.

If I can help one person each and every day rethink & change their lives then my job is complete.

Group hierarchy is also another damaging habit some people have chosen to live by & embrace. Many people don’t, thankfully, and they function so much healthier. For those that regard others with differing levels of love and care then that is there choice, just know that your behaviours can be damaging and degrading to others. For those affected by such behaviours, it is within us to constantly remove this shite from our lives and not allow others actions, words and disregard to affect us but sometimes it just hurts. Please be sure to protect yourself at every opportunity and work to ensure emotional abuse from others is not then allowed to affect your mental state. How we perceive the actions of others can be very painful to take but know it is just as damaging to them. Do not let another’s words, actions and attitude affect you.

It is something I will continue to learn, I clearly still take on the negative BS others emit… if you want to be negative, moan and nasty to your own inner workings then please do not push that onto others. Life is very, very short & here to be enjoyed. Let’s enjoy the ride.

I find writing so therapeutic and am very lucky I have this platform, my blog, to ‘offload’ and ultimately, the REAL reason for writing, is to help others heal themselves. I write in the hope it will help another change their world, their thoughts and their behaviours so their world changes drastically for the better. People have to want to change & help themselves, beyond that no words, books or advice is going to work.

I hope you manifest all you wish for this week and you learn something new every day.  Mercury Retrograde ends on 5th September, allowing us to breath a sign of relief and to work to finalise plans laid down during August. September's full moon, 6th September, is very exciting and will be transformational for so many. It is a time of change as the summer draws to a close and autumn begins, hence it's name the Full Corn or Harvest Moon as farmers harvest crops and bail up the hay from the fields. It is set to be a great time for manifesting abundance, love, and spiritual transformation. An awesome time to create a evolution of success in all areas of your life.


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