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What Is A Starseed?

Updated: Apr 2, 2021

Starseeds are extremely positive and empathic advanced spiritual beings that are here to heal and evolve humanity. They are often old souls with deep spiritual wisdom that have recurrently reincarnated on Earth and within the star systems of Sirian, Pleiadian, Arcuturian, Andromedian and Lemurian and Atlantean. The world is currently filling up with Starseeds to bring about positive change to the world, as they arrive to share their light and knowledge and take part in the evolution of the human race. Many of us are already here and are undergoing an extreme awakening and strengthening of our healing and psychic abilities. It can be overwhelming, even lonely, but to know the power of the changes that are happening, it is all worth it, exciting times!

Indigo Children are the product of Starseeds and possess remarkably special and unusual traits and supernatural abilities. My belief is a very large portion of the horribly 'labelled' kids (and adults) with ADHD, Autistic and Learning Difficulties are actually supremely beautiful Indigo children that see the world in their own beautifully unique way. They need to be nurtured in an entirely different way and not pumped with drugs and restrictions on them, instead being allowed to develop into the wonderfully quirky, imaginative souls they are, that can teach us a great deal about how to view the world. Those that grow up with a spiritual family member or in an awakened environment thrive and feel incredibly accepted, instead of the ostracism that many experience. Previously a large percentage took to drug/alcohol or another form of addiction because they did not understand the thoughts, feelings and sightings they encountered growing up. Hopefully this is going to turn around now that more souls understand that societies views, actions and restrictions need to change so that these enlightened souls can be raised in a whole new way. I have written on this topic previously here: Reiki Energy Healing, Autism & Learning Difficulties, as Reiki is amazing for unique souls.

We are here (the Starseeds) to press the reset button on humanity and to teach others to see the world in a much more positive light. This will then lead to the eradication of many 'illnesses' and 'diseases' that occur because of the flaws in society and management of emotions. The pharmaceutical industry is not happy about this, some say that is an underlying cause of the current worldwide 'need' for drugs due to all the has been happening. Time will tell and the more of us that can work on altering our mindset and as such our lives without the need for medication of any form, except energetic medicine, then society will change. Many of the now common diseases of alzheimer's and dementia are products of mankind, of the over processed foods consumed and the dairy eaten by many.

Have you ever felt a strong connection to the stars at night, the sun, moon, and the energy that surrounds us? Do you feel an affinity with nature? Do you believe in the lower, middle and upper worlds? Does the lives of our Ancestors, Shamanism and the Akashic Records intrigue you? I have read a lot about Shamanism and it is thought by many that you have to go through years of training, often in the Amazonian jungle, yet I have very successfully learnt, and applied, many of the teachings, such as Soul Retrieval, Energetic Imprint Removal and more recently Past Life Regression Sessions. I love to travel to the lower world and restore the lost souls of others and do them regularly on myself, such as after the recent removal of a broken tooth, because we lose a part of our soul through anaesthetic.

Starseeds are the lightworkers, light warriors and earth angels of the world and we are here to steer the world in the right direction. To bring new emotional, physical, mental and technological development and awaken many to working in a great way with the universal life force energy. We want all of you to 'think outside the box'; to believe what you previously thought was 'impossible' and reach for the stars. I would love to help any of you struggling to understand your world view or if you know someone who needs guidance get them to drop me an email: We have amazing potential for growth, expansion and world resetting at this time so lets all come together and enjoy the journey along the way. Life does not need to be a constant period of working to pay to 'live' to then retire when we are sometimes to old to enjoy it and the biggest thing is... we cannot take 'things' with us! Life is here to be cherished, enjoyed and expanded to a whole new level of stress-free fun, happiness and laughter. Fear, worry and 'sickness' needs to be a thing of the past! Happy manifesting your desires and do message if you want assistance, sending you all love, light and healing vibes.

I am sure I will write on this topic again, as there is so much to say but I wanted to get this published for your enjoyment.



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