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What is a Shaman?

“Modern shamans are men and women just like you, who know how to be the midwives between the visible and the invisible worlds, between the world of energy and the world of manifestation, who understand that thoughts create things, who hold a new vision of healing for ourselves and our planet . . .” Alberto Villoldo

My interest in Shamanism grows daily and is the method us, as humans, use to strengthen our natural connection with the worlds around us.  Shamanic Healing enhances and empowers us to find incredible balance and calm in our daily lives, only heightens my passion to expand all that I have learnt so far. The practice can bring us to a level of calm far greater than before the event happened, especially when combined with the other life changing tools we have learned and incorporate into our lives. Shamanism is as old as humanity itself and I have always felt a great affinity with it. It allows us to travel beyond the confines of the middle world, into the lower and upper worlds to truly discover who we are and our purpose in the physical realm at this time.

As my Reiki work deepens, I find myself in greater trances, as I connect with the universal energy and help others to heal themselves. More and more I find that people who have crossed over are super eager to come through during sessions, sometimes it is appropriate (i.e. the client is opening to hearing the messages) and occasionally I have to ask them to wait until a more suitable time, as the current emotional clearing of energy blockages is the priority.

I adore performing Soul Retrieval Journeys for those open to collecting and healing the fragmented parts of their soul lost through trauma, shock and life changing events. ‘I feel like a part of me is missing’ is a very apt saying for when retrieval journeys are needed.

The Wikipedia description of Shaman talks about entering a trance state during a ritual and practicing divination and healing. The Shaman Drumming Journey's for discovering people's Power Animals, Good Luck Symbols & fragmented Souls certainly mean we enter a trance like state as we travel to the lower and upper worlds.

Modern Shaman's come alive as they explore and understand more and more and aid with expand the understanding of the consciousness of humankind and all creation. One quote I read 'shamanism is our key to a re-enchantment of the world and a re-enchantment of ourselves.

Walking barefoot across grass and being amongst nature is one of my most favourite pastimes. Shamanism is about the health of living things; people, plants, animals, everything!  The greater knowledge we have of the power of Mother Earth and the ancient indigenous communities and teachings then the bigger change we can be in this life time.

There are many beautifully sacred, special places in this world, like the Chalice Well gardens in Glastonbury, any waterfall, mountain range or open space where you can literally feel the energy in the air. Connecting with our beautiful planet is part of our grounding, reawakening and invigorating journey in this physical form. 




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