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Understanding Stress & the Impact on Your Health

I wanted to follow on from my recent blog about Why You Should Incorporate Energy Healing into Your World with an in-depth explanation about how your thoughts, feelings and habits affect brain functionality and ultimately your health, wellbeing and ability to enjoy this journey we call LIFE.

'As your thoughts can make you sick, your thoughts can make you well' Dr Joe Dispenza

Let those words above sink in, all disease has emotional, stress based connotations and we can truly heal from within. Stress is a mental or emotional strain that occurs when we cannot predict an outcome (but we can stop worrying about it!). It is when we are in an unfavourable or difficult circumstance and we perceive a ‘threat’ beyond our control. The three key types of stress, with some examples, are: Physical stress - trauma, accident, injuries; Chemical stress - food toxins, high blood sugar, bacteria in the body, influenza, common colds; Emotional stress - tragedy, loss, frustrating situations such as daily commutes to work, and money worries.

We can all learn new ways to manage stress, one thing we cannot do is stop life's challenges from occurring. It is how we 'ride the wave' of events that can be massively improved by working in a greater way with the five senses we were born with: listening, hearing, seeing, feeling and smelling. Our mind is affected by all the senses and building habits into our day, with the ultimate goals being to change our personalities and, more importantly, our perception of the world, then big changes happen. You can control your own thought patterns, brain waves and conscious decisions.

The main brain waves we experience are:

Beta - concentration, learning, logical thinking, achieving your to-do list and long-term goals and when hanging out with your friends. Basically when we are more aware of our outer world than our own thoughts. As a society the habit has been to spend too much time in beta state, concerned about the outside (rather than our inner) world, which then leads to severe depression, anxiety and affects the ability to cope on a daily basis.

Theta - the hypnotic state is when we are able to accept heightened suggestibility and is great for boosting intuition and creativity. When we drift of to sleep or daydream during the day we are in theta state, conscious in our subconscious mind. The Tuning Fork I use for the Sound Healing with Reiki is taping into your theta state, your personality and identity, to heal the body and bring it back to it's correct vibrational function.

Alpha - relaxation, reflection, when we are more conscious of our inner thoughts and we question our thinking to work to improve it. It is when we make our inner world more important, this occurs when we 'wake up' to spirituality, to greater ways of living by clearing energy blockages through reiki, meditation, yoga... anything that calms our minds, rather than working with our analytic and critical mind. The alpha state is when we go beyond our analytic mind into more of an imaginary capacity.

Delta, the slowest brain waves that occur when we are in deep dreamless sleep and so allowing the brain to restore, relax and prepare for the next day, a restorative sleep.

Gamma, high performance, an arousal within the body goes up to the brain and ensures we are in a hyper activity, learning state (not a stressed state) of super consciousness. When you are very aware of your inner world rather than your outer world, you are in a gamma state.

The Beta state is the conscious, analytical mind and the subconscious mind states of Alpha, Theta and Delta are where you can CHANGE your life, your personality and your destructive thinking. Let's work to enter more positive states, to change permanently the health and wellbeing of society with vital practices like meditation, reiki, yoga, everything that slows down the brain waves and teaches you how to 'tap into' your ability to calm down, de-stress and relax, no matter what is going on around you.

Learning to slow down, get grounded, regulate your thinking and believe YOU can make a change is when you are truly winning. We can do this and it is time to impact the lives of many more beautiful souls, so we can remove worry, fear and sadness and thrive daily. Stress causes dysfunction and incoherence in the brain and so damages the body, the biggest reason to work to abolish it from our worlds. 90% of all doctors visits have stress at the root cause. I highly recommend Dr. Joe Dispenza, he has many talks, lectures and teachings on this topic and is well worth reading, listening to and learning from.

Focusing on the field of energy in your body, clearing negativity and allowing yourself to feel whole, complete and able to achieve anything, and everything, is life changing. How we perceive this world and every moment we experience has an impact on our body and mind. Getting away from the negative, stressed actions, beyond the 'self' and opening your awareness to pure consciousness, disassociated from material environments, is the goal.

A Course in Miracles, what I call the spiritual 'bible' (although I still have not read it fully or completed all the 365 daily learning's), talks in-depth about energy, the quantum field and teaches how to disconnect from material things and live a happier existence. Many spiritualists start on 1st January each year and go through the 365 lesson cards, year on year, to renew their thinking, it takes time, and constantly educating ourselves, to alter our habitual thinking long-term.

The main thing to take away is to remove stress, anger, frustration, annoyance, agitation, fear and worry from your personality and help those around you. Work on changing your perception of situations, people and yourself, so you can start a fresh and flourish, no matter what is going on around you. Constantly getting angry at little things or other people, such as other road users, for example, all leads to dis-ease within the body and manifests as injury, pain, aches and illness. YOU can control your world, your thoughts and your awareness of the world. Happy learning and let's get as many people on this journey with us NOW.



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